Saying “Love You” is now easier to express

There are many words in English that convey strong emotion in very little words, like have a great day, please, sorry, congrats or the ever-popular love you. When we love somebody, there are times when we do not get the courage to say to them that we love them or we might be waiting for a perfect opportunity. Consider us your heaven-sent opportunity to express your feelings to your loved ones. Pour your heart out with a little help from friends like us!

We love someone because we admire them. We send out a hint to them by gifting tasty chocolates (or) something fancy to express our feelings.

Say love you to that special someone with some special gifts

There are many ways to say I love you than just words. Here’s our pick that we believe you have seen often in the day to day lives.

-We can treat the loved one with a delicious cake that maybe chocolate or pineapple flavoured. How many times we must have seen a couple sharing happiness over a slice of cake spending some quality time.

-We can create our own greeting cards and write down a line or two wishing our loved one something. This is a good way to express our love with our hands using words of our own choice. This is no more an era of love letters but a small element of it can be found in huge greeting cards that we often see as valentine’s day gifts.

-We can simply gift them something from a fancy store like a mug or a flower vase. If we know them very well then we know what would attract and win their admiration for us. It is, for this reason, we say that gifting is an art that not many are well versed with!

-A joy ride within the city where you get to see all the places of interest in addition to a good time you get to spend with your loved one alone. Joyrides are known to thrill people who love travelling as they create an atmosphere that fills the air with love in the shortest duration and finds a place in the hearts of the couple for years to come

-Any list is generally incomplete without balloons in it. Red-coloured heart-shaped balloons are something that everyone on this planet is fascinated with. If not the heart-shaped, then the colourful balloons of other kinds that are attractive and appeal to your loved one also is a good choice.

There are myriad ways possible to paint your love as there is no shortage of ideas in this world. You might be busy with your stuff, so allow us to offer our own love you packages – that comes with a variety to choose from as each of them come with different options, ideas, and add-ons.

If you feel the need to tell your loved one ‘You need to know how much I love you’ but can’t, we are there with our readymade Love You packages to help you say it!

Some of our love you packages come with add-ons and are listed below:

Delicious cakes in different flavours. A tasty cake never disappoints anyone is one best way to say I love you.

-A lovely mug with a lovely picture on it that looks really good and can be used every day too! Mugs and cups are used on a daily basis and will serve as a daily reminder to your loved ones.

-A flower bouquet that may have 5 to 10 roses in them. Roses symbolize love, don’t they? Roses lighten up the mood and fill the air with love. Flowers have been used since the dawn of civilization to express profound love.

-A greeting card with your message on it handwritten by you or printed as desired. Greeting cards make your loved one feel your virtual presence.

-And of course, mood-enhancing colourful balloons in different shapes. Balloons don’t have a long life but in the little time that they glow, they spread good vibes and energy. Balloons are known to recreate an atmosphere filled with love.

We offer many packages that cover a sorry pack to the love you pack. All the packages come with prices that don’t discharge heavy voltage of shock upon you! Don’t forget to visit our website to get an idea of all the different things we can do with the numerous packages that we offer.