Special and Extraordinary Experience Presents in Hyderabad for their Big Day

There are Gifts, and then there are Experiences. Ever wish you could drive a lavish car, watch a live concert at home, or enjoy a romantic dinner in Hyderabad? Now you can give the gift of a lifetime to the person you love the most.

Treat them like the prince and princess they are with our wide range of gift experience days and Short Breaks. Our premium gift packages bring experience presents that are just waiting to create memories which will last forever.

Enjoy adventure experiences with your loved ones! Forget the traditional gifting style, try something new. We are a one stop solution to book your life’s most memorable and enjoyable experiences. Whether it’s an anniversary, a wedding, a birthday, or any other special occasion – choose us.

Bookthesurprise is all about making your loved ones happy, and you can see the heights it is going for it by offering the craziest of experiences that will appeal to them. No matter what your interests are, or what your personality is, there is something for everyone here. Make memories to last a lifetime, with our experience presents.

We offer extraordinary & distinctive experiences ranging from thrilling Adventures, Leisure activities, Romance, Self-Discovery, indulging in your favourite hobby & lots more.

Bookthesurprise offers amazing experience presents that will become treasured memories that last a lifetime. There are plenty of activities to participate in. If you’re shopping for experience presents from a five-star cabana lounge to late night rides in your dream car, the list of experience gift ideas to choose from is long. With plenty of experience gifts in the basket you will have a tough time choosing the perfect one, therefore we have narrowed down the experience presents according to your preferences.

From escapade places to romantic places in Hyderabad, they’ll be sure to love any of these fantastic experiences.

Why Experience Presents and Not Materialistic Gifts?

Experience presents are said to be more intrinsically fulfilling than materialistic gifts. Thus, Experiences have the ability to contribute to joy and create long lasting happiness.

Therefore, these shared experiences will help in family spending some quality time together and these memories of pleasure & enjoyment during these experiences will bring in happiness in life.

Browse through the Best of Experience Gift Ideas Online

Choose from the premium experience gift ideas that we offer to people wanting to give some breathtaking experience gifts to their loved ones.

Go on a Romantic Date to a Grand Place!

Royal Dining at Taj Banjara Hyderabad

Arrangement of an exquisite dinner at this luxurious hotel is made for you and your partner to commemorate the lovely relationship that exists!

With royal treatment and fine dining, experience the world class hospitality of taj banjara, Hyderabad. Firstly the guests are welcomed with a warm and dignified manner. Then welcome drinks are served in elegance . Followed by, a 5 course romantic candlelight dinner in the royal garden that is served by a private butler of your own.

Plan a romantic date night to surprise your fiance or girlfriend, or surprising your wife on your wedding anniversary and experience different cuisines in royalty .

Dinner Date In the Pool

Find some time to go out to a rejuvenating and energising holiday at this holistic destination with your loved ones. Leonia resort offers a variety of activities opening a path of self discovery and exploration. Get a chance to experience a lovely candlelight dinner in hyderabad with a praise worthy resort place.

Enjoy the warm ambience with your partner to stay the night away. A luxurious dinner table will be set up for the lovely couple alongside the swimming pool and a special dinner will be arranged.

Private Dinner Date

Poolside setup is an ideal place among the lonely places for couple in hyderabad quality time together.

An exotic yet simple menu and the perfect setting of a poolside date with your sweetheart. The ambiance, exquisite meals, fairy-lights warm up a beautiful romantic evening.

Surprise Date

With a special mix of comfort and royalty, Celebrity Resort is known highly for its treatment. This ensures that you have a lovely time at this place.

A private table with a romantic candlelight dinner setting for two of you to spend some valuable time with each other. An appetizing menu for you to indulge in.

Taste the Darkness

Enjoy this unique & thrilling experience that will never be forgotten when you, your beloved and a delicious meal will be in the pitch dark room while it lasts for an hour !!

Enjoy music performance at your home in real time!

Live Concert at Home

Rapture your loved ones by arranging a surprise home concert that last for a booming 30 minutes straight! We arrive at your doorstep with plenty of balloons, a guitarist, a singer and a musician to melt your dear ones heart with melodical theme!

The receiver is first greeted with a surprise knock on the door which opens to numerous balloon. Then, a savoury box of personalised chocolates is offered with heartfelt message sent by you which is then followed by a sweet melodious surprise during cake cutting and all these precious moments are captured by a photographer.

Spend Quality time with Beloved!

Cabana at Home

Surprise your sweetheart with a gorgeous Cabana arranged at your favourite spot in the house. We organise an exotic and romantic abode with a glamorous appearance that instantly makes your loved one fulfilled and blissful!

To begin with, the romantic setup is done in your favourite spot from the entire house that has lovely memories of you and your partner (After the surprise the setup will be packed up by our team). Then arrangement is made of candlelight dinner at home.

Take it your big celebratory occasions to surprise your special someone with an elegant and appealing cabana meant for just the both of you!

Meal in Private Chalet

The perfect escapade offered by this 5 star luxury resort near historic osman sagar lake boasts of everything to make it an eye candy of all the lovey-dovey. The warm-lit environs has an incomparable sea facing view and  an experience of royal treatment is awaiting you.

Luscious mocktail drink is served to welcome you and your partner. A private set up table decorated with fresh flowers. A  delicious 5 course meal will be served for the two of you. In the end a complementary cake will be waiting for celebrating your special occasion.

Cabana at 5 Star

Rejoice with one of the most electrifying experiences with your love at one of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in Hyderabad. For every romantic couple seeking a private hideout we have plan a quiet candlelight dinner in Hyderabad, where a reserved cabana setup is arranged for you and your partner.

A beautifully lit cabana is awaiting the lovely couple in the garden area. Welcomed by a luscious drink. A 5 course meal can be selected from a delectable menu. To end it with a fine bottle of wine.

Pamper your partner with a personalised service waiting to give the most memorable dining experience of your life.

Charm Your Partner with Unending Rides!

Royal Chariot Ride

Become the prince and princess for a beautiful night and  experience the royal chariot ride ‘your highness’.

Take a break from these surprises with some more surprises beginning with surprise knock on the door which opens to our team holding balloons numerous balloon. Then, a tasty box of personalised chocolates is offered with heartfelt message sent by you which is then followed by a special surprise gift during cake cutting and all these precious moments are captured by a photographer.

Experience a late night ride in the royal chariot and relish the moment as it last for 2 hours!

Avion Joy Ride Surprise

Take your better half out for a surprise in the air for a duration of about 40 to 45 minutes. This unique surprise is something that we only get to see in movies and limit it to our imaginations.

Avion Joy Ride Surprise package that comes at a reasonable price and is an awesome way to spend your precious time with your precious one and have an experience that you never imagined.

Open Top Car Ride

Enjoy the dream coming true experience of an open roof ride in a classy car as it last for about 1 hr to 1 hr 30 min.

Ride around the city in midnight when the city is asleep and you can enjoy the peace and warmth under great weather.

The receiver gets a special surprise gift along with some balloons. Followed by a personalized chocolate box and cake cutting with your sweetheart’s hands.

Accompanied by our professional photographer who will be capturing all the special moments.

Horse Trekking

Ride horse with elegance under the supervision of a professional instructor and an ultimate surprise by our team will be waiting for you at the exit.

Showcase a Heartfelt Message on Screen!

Love in the Big Screen

Confess your love to your special someone in a unique way that has never been heard of !!

Take your sweetheart to the big cinema & wait until they get to watch themselves on the big screen that they have always dreamed of! Book 30 seconds of screen slot at any of our cinema screens to get your loved one’s video played on screen as a sudden surprise!

You can choose whether to get the video played during the interval or at the beginning of the movie.

Make Your Home a Theater

A Sentimental surprise which exhibits any video or audio message of yours on the home theater where they didn’t see it coming at all .

It includes other celebration elements like a lovely flower bouquet, balloons, cake, personalised chocolate box, a special surprise gift, wish board, a photographer and more surprises from our team

Enjoy surprises with Pikachu!

Balloons, You & Pikachu!

How will you react if you attend the door and a Pikachu shows up out of nowhere! Make your gift a hot topic and stand out from others!

A Pikachu comes to your doorstep along with a giant surprise gift box. The receiver goes ahead to open the gift box and finds the cutest spring pikachu jumping out of the box with some colorful balloons. The series of surprises consisting of homemade chocolates/cupcakes and other custom gifts that continue until 40 minutes.

Not just a pikachu a photographer will also be a part of your special occasion to capture your best pics.

Invite Pikachu to Home

Experience a grand time with Pikachu and dance till the last moment and get beautiful pictures captured.

Any occasion you name it from surprising someone on birthday to saying I love you, Pikachu adds up to a great surprise.

The most noteworthy moment of all is Getting a Warm Hug from pikachu that keeps you joyful for the rest of the day.

Find a Surprise Gift at Your Doorstep!

Giant Gift Box

Allow your loved ones to answer the doorbell and the next thing they see is a giant gift box waiting for them at the door. Immediately upon opening the box the receiver is flabbergasted at the sight of innumerable balloons that are just flying towards them from the surprise box!

It includes other celebration elements like balloons, cake, personalised chocolate box, a special surprise gift, wish board, a photographer and many more surprises from our team.

Gift Yourself

Get yourself in a giant box to go to your loved ones place and astonish them when they open the ribbon and you pop out holding colorful balloons.

It includes other surprise elements like  balloons, cake, personalised chocolate box, a special surprise gift, wish board, a photographer and more surprises from our team

Message at your Doorstep

Are you thinking of conveying a message to your loved ones?

We arrive at your loved one’s doorstep with a bunch of balloons and placards. Every placard will contain a message of your choice that will send them to the 9th cloud.

It also includes other surprises like handmade chocolates and 50 helium balloons

A Whole Day Dedicated to Surprise!

Surprise Full Day

How about bewildering your loved ones with a continuous series of surprises? We organise a complete day of surprises for the birthday champion and grant them with some lovely presents during the subsequent hours of the day.

Starting the day with a bunch of morning surprises such as ‘its my birthday!’ T-shirt, a box of balloons and a special greeting card. At 12 PM fridge magnets and some fun cards are put on the refrigerator.At 2 PM a photo frame is given to the champ. At 4 PM a quote is delivered to the birthday champ to keep him boosted. At 6 PM a treat of Chocolates/cupcakes along with a cute message is given. At 8 PM a private dinner date with a special gift is arranged..

Other celebratory elements like wish board, firecrackers, lighting up the sky are also included in this package.

Surprise in Your Car

Plan a surprise in your car trunk while going on a long drive with your family, friends or someone special. Watch the astounding reaction of your close ones when they discover a trunk full of surprise gifts!

A surprise to spread love and respect to beautiful souls!

Surprise Visit to Old Age Home

Bring your loved ones to a surprise visit to an old age home and introduce them to these soulful people filled with wisdom.

Give a new meaning to celebration by bestowing your support to the aged and spread love to all!

Surprise Visit to Orphanage

Become their guardian for a day and look at the joy you can find in their face.

A fulfilling way to celebrate happiness is by visiting an orphanage and increase your love and gratitude manifolds

Adventure Experiences with Close Ones!

Great Escape Room

Go through the Great escape room which requires you to discover some exciting and mysterious ways to get out. Add some thrill to the occasion by working as a team to try and figure out how to solve the mystery and get out of the room as early as possible.

The Laser Game

Play this engaging shooting game with a huge group of friends where each one is by themselves. Let’s see who emerges as the winner.

Arrange a surprise meetup with some adorable dogs!

The Furry Love

Is your special someone about dogs that they can’t resist their cuteness?

Surprise them with some furry love where they will be surrounded by their favourite animals for 1-2 hrs!

Remark the event with a lightning

Light Up the Sky

Have you ever witnessed an unending series of Ariel Works? Get some amazing fireworks one after the other that will leave your loved ones spellbound. Turn to the classic ways of celebrating a special occasion with our superb celebratory elements.

Many other surprises will also be awaiting you to light up the event in extraordinary ways.

Balloon Surprises to Wish Them on their Big Day!

Pop Me Surprise Box with Balloons

The balloon has pop me message written on it and when pop it on your loved ones it will shower confetti all over them making them feel special.

Blow Me Surprise Box with Balloons

Wish them on their special occasion with a heart touching greeting card in a lovely box saying blow me.

Hug Me Balloon Surprise Box

It consists of a set with a cute teddy wrapped in a transparent balloon with pink ribbon and an umbrella to wish your dear ones.

Open Me Balloon Surprise Box

Send Greeting and regards to the special someone with a fancy box of open me within which a balloon pops out with a lovely message to embrace the occasion.