Hug Me Stuffed Balloons Gift – Hugs are the Universal Medicine!

Hugs are the purest and most comforting act of love! But, finding that perfect gift which can communicate the same feeling can be quite challenging. Here comes the best cuddlesome gift that gives the recipient an equivalent feeling to that of receiving tight and warm hugs.

Hug me balloon surprise concept is about gifting teddy in a balloon not just in an ordinary way, but in the most appealing and charismatic way. The gift is entirely wrapped inside a coloured box that is printed with the words “Hug me” on it.

The receiver gets completely delighted upon receiving a balloon surprise box since it makes him/her wonder what is really inside the box.

What Is Inside the Box?

The box is enormous and labelled with “Hug me” on it. As the recipient opens the box, he/she is greeted with an adorable teddy that is stuffed inside a balloon.

The balloon in box is of a high quality (made up of natural latex) and is specially designed according to the situation which means that the balloons are themed as per eight different occasions for which we offer the surprise gift.

Also, the teddy that is stuffed inside the balloon comes with a printed sash (with wishes printed on it, according to the occasion).

Choose the Occasion, We Plan It!

Whatever be the occasion, we are here to help you gift something that is totally adorable and that which makes the receiver feel immensely pleasured!

Hug me stuffed balloon gifts can be presented for any of the beautiful occasions like birthdays, anniversary and newborn or to send special wishes like saying Congratulations, Love You, Miss You, Sorry or Get well soon

Birthday – Send a Hug me stuffed balloon gift as a sudden surprise gift to the birthday champ. He/she receives a huge balloon surprise box that when opened displays a cute teddy with a sash that is stuffed inside the balloon.

The balloon and sash are designed as per the birthday theme. You can select the colour of the box and the colour of the teddy.

Anniversary – Order for a balloon in a box delivery for your anniversary and delight your better half with a cute cuddlesome teddy in a balloon.

Send a balloon surprise box to him/her and wait until the box is opened to a glimpse of an adorable stuffed balloon that brings out a cute little smile on your dear one’s lips!

The balloon and sash are anniversary themed. You can pick your favourite coloured box and your favourite coloured teddy.

Newborn – Greet the blessed couple with a specially designed stuffed balloon gifts and make their day much more joyful.

The balloon is specially designed according to the gender of the baby (“It’s a girl” or “It’s a boy”) and sash comes printed with a lovely message. We deliver the box and teddy according to your preferred colour.

Congratulations – Say “Congratulations” to your near and dear with a cutest balloon surprise box that is enclosed with a teddy in a balloon. The sash and the balloon are printed as per the occasion. The receiver is sure to get elated upon receiving a sudden surprise box that is enclosed with a stuffed balloon (Teddy inside the balloon).

Say “I Love You” – Every love story deserves sweet little reminders that add a spark of joy every once in a while. Send a big box of amusement to your sweetheart to tell him/her that your love can be new and fun-filled every time you express it.

The colour of the box and the colour of the teddy will be delivered according to your preference.

Say “I Miss You” – Sometimes, it is really unexplainable in words how much you miss someone. Take it to an amazing stuffed balloon gifting idea to confess your feelings for someone you are missing being with

The balloon surprise box comes with a teddy in a balloon and you can choose your favourite coloured box and your favourite coloured teddy.

Say Sorry – If you have been looking for awesome gifts to apologize for someone close to you, here’s that perfect gift because nothing melts someone’s heart other than a cute plush teddy wearing a sash that says sorry.

The teddy is stuffed inside a specially themed sorry balloon and you can choose the colour of the teddy and the balloon surprise box.

Say “Get well soon” – Send your heartfelt wishes to your dear ones whom you wish to get recovered soon. Choose this scintillating balloon surprise box that is enclosed with a cute teddy wearing a printed sash that says “Get well soon”

The box and teddy of your preferred colours will be delivered.

Why Choose Hug Me Stuffed Balloon Gift?

We always wish to greet the dearest people in our life by embracing them close to our heart because hugs are the only way to charge another person with love, positivity and feel good vibes.

Hug me balloon surprise is the warmest surprise gift to enthral your loved ones, for it is a completely unexpected package of cuteness, love and lots of hugs stuffed into a big box.

With Hugs, you get good vibes! But, you may not always be able to embrace the most special people of your life! Sometimes, words fall short for the amount of love you have for them! So, why miss a beautiful chance of making your dear ones feel most loved? Send a hug me stuffed balloon gifts and shower your infinite love!