Friendship day surprise gifts and gift hampers to make the day special for your besties!

Friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of the eight-month (i.e).; August every year in India. Friendship is a very special bond between two friends. This bond is a result of years of togetherness, understanding, passion, and compassion. It is a blessing to have great friends and a friend is truly a blessing in disguise.


Your friend, your buddy is exactly a mirror reflecting you in every aspect. A friend is one person who understands all that is going on in your mind even without uttering a word to them. It is your bedroom, but your friend gets to sleep on the bed and you have to adjust somewhere on the couch. It is your computer but has your friends playlist, it is your mom, but you get as much love as their own child. They are just made to fill in our voids in a very perfect way. They have a greater share over everything that belongs to you and you willing to share everything that you have with them.

They know you better than you know yourself. They are our doctors, our teachers, our Google, our encyclopedia and our psychiatrist as well. They are the world around us and yet are with us. They make sure that you have everything that you need in life and they promise to stay by, not just for a day or for a year or two but for a lifetime. It is truly an honor to have someone so wonderful and kind in life. They follow this policy of “you before me”.[1]

There is also this line that goes, “it is the quality that matters, not the quantity”. Yes, this is right, it does matter if you have a hundred or a single friend. If that one friend is ready to take head over heels to support you and encourage you when the whole world is against you, then he/she is all you need in life. They are a package of everything, a package of surprise which with every fold that is unfolded starts confetti.

It was a businessman who started the concept of friendship and friendship day surprise gifts years back just to promote his business. He was a greeting card maker and to increase his revenue he came up with this idea. Later it was the United Nations Organization who came up with this concept to promote world peace and to encourage the goodwill among countries. The idea was so catchy and was immediately picked up and till the day is celebrated all over the world to cherish this special and significant bond.

The idea went so viral among the teenage kids that they picked it up instantly and started to celebrate this day every year with great joy and enthusiasm. This feeling of excitement never fades away even though you grow old. This feeling of “mine” never dulls or fades away. This is another fact of friendship for it to grow so popular.

Youngsters celebrate this day with a lot of passion and frenzy attitude. They like hanging out with friends, tying friendship day bands and giving combos, making their own friendship day bands, making cards for this special day, planning friendship day surprise gifts. Few kids come up with their own creative ideas as well.

Few friendship day gift ideas for friendship day celebrations are coffee mugs, customized pillows, personalized printed T-shirts, chocolates, cards, and much more. You can also plan for a themed surprise party for your best friend. You can have fun by going on a hike or walk with your friend. You can hit the road with the sudden breakfast, lunch or even better a brunch plan in the woods. Plan a karaoke nite or a mid-light day surprise for friendship day surprise gifts. It all depends on your creativity and passion.

Book the Surprise has all of these amazing deals and gift hampers for you and friends who willing are awaiting to celebrate friendship day with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. There are various gift hampers that you can choose across for a friendship day surprise gifts.

Friendship day surprise gifts hamper 1 – “The Fabulous Friends”

This lovely gift hamper is all made of the things that you wish to gift your friend. There is an obvious reason that you can always make your own hampers but this hampers that we already have customized according to your choice with great effort and passion. So you can just cut down the headache of going to a store and run helter-skelter just to pick the right thing.  Every gift and artifact that you would find is handpicked by our expert gifting team, to make your gifting experience little more fantastic.[2]

This hamper includes finely and freshly baked cupcakes iced with love, care, and tenderness, a customized and personalised friendship band. A lovely coffee mug specially printed for friendship day. You can either choose between a single mug or a pair of mugs. And last but not the least, chocolates! The finest quality imported chocolates all wrapped and packed only for you!

Friendship day surprise gifts hamper 2 – “Friends Forever”

This gift hamper is a lot more exciting than the previous one. Unlike the previous gift hamper, you will see that there is an additional add-on of personalised cushion with your friends’ pictures printed on it. Our team has left no stone unturned to increase your joy of gifting to the fullest and make your gifting experience an amazing one. The cupcakes included in the hamper are specially baked for the upcoming friendship day theme and are absolutely fresh. All the chocolates are handpicked and packed with lots of care.

Friendship day surprise gifts hamper 3 – “Friendship Reloaded”

This hamper is a combo hamper and a great way to show your affection to your friend by all means.  You get to choose between a cushion or a coffee mug(s). It also includes an amazingly handcrafted greeting card and a personalized flower bouquet to give the feeling of friendship day celebration. These flowers are handpicked and freshly made into a bouquet. A photo frame with all your golden memories framed forever that they never get out of sight and are always with you till eternity.

Friendship is the world’s utmost lovely bond and there could be nothing to stop this bond to grow stronger with time. All that this bond needs as an input is a little trust and lots of craziness and then see this tree grow longer than life!