Online Flower Delivery in India

Flowers can make anyone smile. Just the thought of flowers can lighten up our mood. As Indians, we use flowers for almost all special occasions. It can be birthdays, weddings, etc, whatever the event, we use flowers to make the ambiance more magical. Therefore gifting flowers is a very nice thing to do for someone you love. 

Buying flowers from nearby florists is sometimes a very tedious task. Sometimes they might not have the flowers you need or the designs that you like. That’s why online flower delivery has become so popular over the days. You don’t even have to get up from where you are sitting and you can have the flowers you want, delivered to the people you want. 

Online cake and flower delivery has become so popular that people very rarely go out to actual shops to buy these things. Why would you have to spend so much time and effort when you can send flowers online, right?

Here, in the bookthesurprise website, you will find any type of flower bouquets that you are looking for. Let it be roses, carnations, orchids, etc. Whichever type of flower you want we probably have it on our website.


Roses are the most common type of flowers that most people buy from our website. The beautiful color and the wonderful smell of these amazing flowers will surely leave your loved ones in a trance. We offer other colors of roses as well and not just red color. Show your affection to your loved ones by gifting them these amazing flowers. Flower bouquet online delivery for roses are very popular and you should give it a shot too.


Second to roses is a bouquet of beautiful carnations. These flowers look amazing and have very soft petals. Just rub these flowers to your cheeks and you will feel like you have attained nirvana. If you think that roses are a too common flower gift then this is the way to go. Express your love for your loved ones with a beautiful bunch of carnations.


Orchids have a very beautiful shape, texture, and color, very different from other flowers. That is why it is so sought after. Orchids look very beautiful and it is also a good option when you plan on gifting flowers to your loved ones. Orchids can be very pricey in the market. Here at our website, you will get them at a very reasonable price. Order online flower bouquet of orchids today.

Mixed Flowers:

Another amazing option for you from the BTS website. These bouquets will contain a mixture of two or more flowers to make your loved one’s experience all the more amazing. Choose the best bouquets from our website and we will get it delivered to your loved one in no time, anywhere in India.

What makes us different from the others?

Unlike some online flower delivery websites, we will always deliver the best quality flowers to your loved ones. We put quality over anything else here! Giving people the best of the best products is what we strive for. 

Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews on the website and facebook. You will find hundreds of our satisfied customers posting good things about us. When we accept a delivery from you, we make sure that we work as hard as possible to get it to your loved ones in the best quality possible so that we can put a smile on their face, just the way you want it.

Another thing that sets us apart is our pricing. We make sure that the price is reasonable for you. Sometimes ordering online can be very expensive. Here we make sure that we check the market price and set the price reasonably according to that, rather than just setting an insanely huge price.

Whatever the type of bouquet you are looking for, we probably have it on our website!

Whether you need just a small bunch of twenty roses or a huge one of fifty roses we have it all. We offer the flowers in a basket and a traditional bouquet as well. Our florists will definitely work very hard on each bouquet so that customers like you get the best product and most of the times,  our customers come back here to buy other products because they loved our service

Send flowers to your loved ones at the best prices

Here at BTS we give utmost importance to the quality and pricing of our products. We know how much you love your family and friends so we make sure that we set reasonable prices for our products, so that you can afford these amazing flower bouquets for your loved ones. But low price doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. The flowers we deliver will be very fresh, as though they were just picked from a garden. 

On time delivery:

We value your time, that’s why we make sure that we always deliver it on time and put a smile on your loved one’s face. You tell us when you want it to be delivered and we will deliver the flowers to your loved ones on time. In case you forgot to order the bouquet earlier and you want to deliver the flowers as quickly as possible we can help you with that as well. 

Do you have any special occasion coming up?

Whatever be the occasion your loved ones will definitely love our flower bouquets. Flowers make us feel happy, no matter what the occasion might be. Even if there is no special occasion send flowers to your loved ones. It will make them happy and there is no bigger joy than making others happy. You don’t need a reason to put a smile on your loved one’s face! As, our flowers freshness lasts very long, it will keep your loved one’s happy for longer durations as well.

We have a wide variety of flower bouquets that you can choose from

Just have a look at our website. We offer many types of flower bouquets. We are pretty sure that your loved one will love any of these bouquets. Choose your loved ones favourite flower and we will make sure we deliver it to your loved one’s doorstep. 

Here are a few of our products that our customers love to buy and you might too.

BTS memorable expression:

A beautiful bunch of red roses decorated in a very nice manner with small cute white flowers and other decorative items. This is a nice thing to buy for anyone you love, whether family, friends or a special someone. The beautiful arrangement of the flowers will make sure to put your loved one in a good mood.

BTS perfect charm bouquet:

A lovely bunch of orchids for a lovely someone. Orchid is a very different and stylish looking flower. The color and the texture is very different from other flowers and is probably why everyone loves them, With our online flower delivery option, you can get this delivered to your loved one’s doorstep anywhere in India.

BTS beautiful carnation bunch:

We all love a beautiful bunch of carnations. The flower on its own is very beautiful to look at and if you put it in a bouquet like this one it is more beautiful than we could ever ask for. Your loved one will definitely love this one. Our flower bouquet online delivery will make sure it reaches your loved one looking fresh and beautiful as though the flowers were just picked.

BTS pretty in pink:

A cute bunch of carnations arranged beautifully in a basket. The basket arrangement enhances the arrangement a lot more. The basket has pink and white-colored carnations and looks very pretty. Send flowers online for your loved ones anytime, anywhere.

BTS a big affection of love:

This one is probably our best product when it comes to flowers. Let your loved ones know how much you love them with this huge bouquet of flowers. The bouquet contains 50 roses for your loved one. Your loved ones will surely appreciate this grand gesture and will understand that you will go to any extent to make them happy.

Choose the right bouquet that your loved ones will like and our online flower delivery service will make sure it will get delivered to your loved one on time. If you are finding it hard to choose the right one, we are always here to help. Just use our live chat option or use the phone number given on our website. We will make sure you get the best of the best bouquet for your loved one. While you are here check out the other products on our website as well. We are pretty sure you will find something you like on our website.