Make Your Partner Go Awe The Next Time With The Best Adventuros Surprises To Experience In Mumbai City

Mumbai is truly a City of Dreams. The city is a chosen destination for people from many walks of life to reside because of the countless opportunities the city is blessed with. Being a hub of intense economic activity, education and finally the heart of Bollywood, the city has a prominent place in the country. The people in Mumbai always holds the reputation of being warm and welcoming to the people who visit the place for the first time. The Charm of Bollywood is always in the air and the Romance is much alive as they are evident in the pristine locations like the countless beaches and Marine drive as couples hang around in contentment and togetherness. The experience in Mumbai is much more promising with Book the Surprise by your side with a ton of gifts and premium surprises on offer.

Book the Surprise has an amalgam premium surprises in Mumbai some of which will give the taste of the wildest thrills and adventures in the city while some experiences will make you thunderstruck with the finesse and exceptionalism. 

While some are those who want to experience fine luxury while there some millennials who want to go a step further and choose to have a fun-filled adventure over mainstream gifts and surprises. Mumbai city is full of surprises and has its share of daredevils experiences which are quite unexplored by the general public. From sailing to hot air balloon rides, Mumbai has it all to feed your inner craziness. Make your glorious occasions or the fast nearing Valentines day to fill your love life with a dose of adventures. Tell your tales of your heroic adventures together to win over the people you know. Choose your share of unique surprises in Mumbai city that suits your affordability and preferences only on Book The Surprise.  Keeping in mind of the people who need that adrenaline rush, a couple of the brand new premium surprises that have been added recently in our portal. Few of which are as follows.

Private Yacht Party In The Sea

If your ideal private party is a secluded time with your dear ones, away from the rush and chaos of Mumbai city. Then don’t even have a second thought and venture into the seas right away. Reserve a luxurious yacht to host your private party with your intimate ones. Escape from the hustle-bustle of the city in a plush Mc Gregor 26 that is an epitome of Luxury and solitude. Carry your favourite food and beverages to toast with your dear ones and satiate your taste buds. Impress your most important people with hospitality and richness of a sail to remember for a lifetime. Customize the package loaded with some goodies as per your preference. Let their hearts fill the exhilarating thrills with a luxury experience in Mumbai city.

Private Chopper Ride

Flying above the clouds is always a fascination for many. It can’t be more special if it is a private chopper ride hovering over the magnificent Mumbai Skyline. Next time if you are planning for a thrilling experience for your beloved partner which they would hardly have anticipated. Take them for an unplanned drive straight to Juhu airport where your private chopper, a Robinson 44 will be waiting for you to lift you off to the skies. Prepared to be immersed with the views of the stunning expanse Mumbai. Make the best of the opportunity in the skies to celebrate a gracious occasion like your anniversary, birthday or even proposing with a ring. No doubt a celebration in the skies will be a class apart when it comes to goosebumps it makes.

Hover In a Hot Air Balloon

Nothing can match the thrills and chills of being in the high skies. Hot Air Balloons have been an exceptional ride of adventures for ages to enjoy the gasping views of any place from the sky from hundreds of feet above from the sky. If you want to gift an experience in Mumbai that will make your dear ones mesmerized with the birds-eye view of the city then this is the ones should go for. Watch together the tides subsiding at the vast harbours and the massive skyscrapers touching the skies. It will be a treat to watch the city from the high skies. This experience can be fulfilled at Orritel Hotel, Talegaon, Old Pune Mumbai Highway. You will be treated with delectable refreshments upon arrival. A private professional pilot will take the lead and take be responsible for an unforgettable adventurous episode you have had together with your dear ones in a long time. Though it is a ride that lasts for an hour but the goosebumps it gives will last for an eternity. 

Leisure Sailing In Arabian Sea

Leisure sailing is one of the most popular activities you can witness around the Mumbai harbour especially at the Gateway of India. If what you have in mind are some unique surprises in Mumbai city for those who have an appetite for adventure escapades then leisure sailing is a must-try for them. A designated speed boat will take you to a place away from the shores where a plush keelboat will be waiting for your arrival. Witness the pure bliss of the Mighty Arabian sea and the sun setting in the horizon as your designated sailor ventures adventurously over the high tides. The experience is sure to leave your companion spellbound. On the other side, the sailboat is equipped with all the luxuries for an elegant oceanic experience to leave you and your partner amazed.

Dinner Date On Yacht

 Is the Mayhem of the bustling Mumbai city is making you abandon the idea of date night with your better half? Then you should not hesitate to go offshore. Sounds impossible right? Well, the idea of a perfect dinner date in the middle of the Arabian sea is very much possible. Hire a private space in the ultra-modern  Macgregor 26 yacht for an ultimate dining experience you ever had. Toast for a wholesome dinner with your choice of delicacies, a champagne treat and a host of other customizations. Who would have thought of a date night experience in Mumbai that too in the middle of the sea? Your partner will be flabbergasted by the entire idea of this crazy idea of a romantic date night.

Scuba Diving In Tarkarli Coral Beach

Scuba diving has caught the attention of the youngsters in recent days due to a streak of movies which had popularized it. Diving in the deep sea and witness the vibrant aquatic life and the ornate corals under the sea is an experience that will change your life once and forever. You don’t have to shell out big bucks to venture into foreign waters to experience scuba diving.  Book the Surprise has Scuba diving as part of their premium surprises in Mumbai city. The place is Tarkarli Coral Beach, a secluded beach far away from the hustle-bustle of the Mumbai. Take your adventurous partner for a dive to witness the exotic flora and fauna and the underwater creatures in the silence of the deep waters which nothing short of a magical experience.