Experience Surprise in Kolkota – Life’s Best Moments Arrive in The Form of Unexpected Surprises

One of the difficult things to do in life is to make someone realise how special they are to you! You may say you love them from the bottom of your heart – a zillion times in a day but it is the way you make them feel is what they will remember throughout their entire life and to turn this into a beautiful reality, we are here with the best experience surprises in Kolkota. 

Letting your dear one know how precious they are to you is possible when you can prove it in action. If you crave to shower this kind of love on your dear one, this list of unique surprises in Kolkota is something that you shouldn’t miss. 

How Experiences Add Life To Your Relationships? 

An ordinary mundane life that is packed with work and sleep might stress you out. Having your partner by your side can add strength to your life but you wish there is a little bit of life added to your love story. 

Planning for unexpected surprises is one amazing way to keep your life happy, exciting and alive in love. This is one best way of cherishing your unspoken love and acts as a sweet reminder to add a special kind of charisma to your relationship.  

We have the best collection of experience surprises in Kolkota that will make your relationships a new story to re-live. 

So, if you are looking for a perfect date that will fill your heart with richness and positive vibes, these experience surprises are the ones to be picked. 

Gift An Experience in Kolkota – Turn An Ordinary Day into An Extra-ordinary One! 

With all the enthusiasm and undefinable love that you have for your partner in your heart, 

It can be undoubtedly stated that you are looking forward to throwing a mesmerising surprise – the one that your partner would have probably never received before. 

  • Love On The Big Screen

With your eagerness and passion to make your dear one feel loved, we have collected the most romantic, yet the classiest ways to confess your love to that one special person. Choose the movie screen to let your deep-rooted, intrinsic feelings get conveyed in the most special manner. 

Here’s to top three amazing ideas! 

  • The Silver screen surprise at Inox 

All that your special one expects from you is your attention and of course the efforts that you put in to let the world know how special he/she is to you. The best way to turn this wish into a reality is to let your partner’s cutest picture pop up during the intermission as you take him/her to a movie date. 

All you have to do is act casual by just asking him/her out for a movie date and provide us with the details of the birthday champ’s photograph and the birthday message that you wish to be played on the big screen. The rest is just pure magic! 

  • The Silver screen surprise at Carnival cinema 

Kolkota has got yet another extravagant place to surprise the only person who means the world to you. The big movie screen in Carnival cinemas provides you with an opportunity to let the birthday message get displayed on the screen during the intermission.

Considering all the love that you have for your special one and your thoughts to choose the one that best suits your partner, this tremendous experience surprise in Kolkota is the one that you should choose.

  • Private movie date at PVR 

Do not miss the opportunity to book an entire movie theatre for your special someone. You can let your dear one’s favourite movie play on the silver screen. The best part of the surprise is that you can let a special message and a photograph get displayed on the screen before the movie starts. 

Also, you can take 20 members (friends/family) for free and this can add up to the thrill that is awaiting the surprise.

Surprises That Give You An Adrenaline Rush

  • Fly-In A Chartered Helicopter 

They say – Love is in the air. But, have you really experienced it? Here’s a beautiful opportunity to feel the essence of love in Air. The surprise starts with a personal message being sent to him/her to let them know that there’s a surprise in store for them the next day. 

As your dear one arrives at the venue, he/she will be awestruck to see a huge banner printed with a special message sent by you. 

The ride that follows this is sure to evoke the right emotions which further strengthens your bond. 

  • Date Over a Lake Cruise 

Ever wanted to gift the utmost magical experience to your favourite person? If the surprise involves serene waters, candles, gorgeous decor that looks romantically appealing to your dear one’s eyes, nothing much more can make him/her believe that you have got something special hidden for them in your heart. 

The surprise starts with a bunch of beautiful flowers being gifted to your special someone as they get into the boat. The live music being played at the backdrop, the gorgeous decorations made inside the boat and the fresh food cooked at the moment and served to you by a personal butler are all sure to make your experience an amazing memory. 

  • A Ride in Rolls Royce – Luxury Experience in Kolkota 

Throw a red carpet entry at your special one’s doorstep and welcome them to a luxurious ride in Rolls Royce! You can take it to your special days to greet your loved one with flowers and then taken on a red carpet to the spot where Rolls Royce is waiting for you two. 

Experience a luxurious ride in a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce and add the sweetest love memory in your bucket list. 

  • Love Ride in the air – Extra-ordinary Experience Surprise in Kolkota 

Let your love soar high in the sky! Book a surprise Joy Ride on a special day and take the love of your life on a thrilling ride that gives you an amazing view from the top of the world. We send a special message to your favourite person which conveys to them that a surprise is awaiting them. 

This will be followed by a thrilling ride of 45 minutes which literally takes the love of your life onto cloud 9. 

You can take it to your anniversaries or any other occasions to overwhelm your special someone with the best ride of their life.

  • Date Over Golf 

No matter how many romantic moments you share with your partner in crime, you want to spend the best quality time with them which is why we are here with an exciting game that involves a Golf date for about an hour. 

Get ready to have some playtime with your partner with this amazing experience. You can also customise this experience by choosing to give flowers and make it a wonderful date altogether. 

  • Surprise in Mystery Rooms 

Want to add a little bit of mystery to your love? Make your date experience exciting with “Surprise in Mystery Rooms” 

Showcase your smartness and wit by booking a surprise visit to Mystery rooms at Kolkota and get to experience a romantic and fun-filled time the love of your life. 

Unleash your hidden skills of decoding the puzzles with clues. 

  • Horse Riding Escapade 

Enjoy being the King and the Queen of your own life. Experience a royal horse ride at Kolkota under the guidance of a professional trainer to feel the richness and luxuriance with the most important person of your life. 

The amazing view with greenery and you both riding the horse with a safety gear put on will make you feel amazing. 

Playful Time for the Two

  • Binge Over Sheesha and 4-course meal 

Make your date night absolutely romantic with a sparkling candlelight dinner in Bhowanipore where you will be served with some sizzling starters, delicious main course choices, mocktails, desserts and some refreshing drinks to fill your tummy! 

The table is elegantly decorated with rose petals, candles along with romantic and soothing music playing at the backdrop.

  • PUBG themed paintball game

Splash capsules of paint on each other and have unlimited fun with your partners in crime at this amazing place where the theme represents PUBG. 

If you are stressed about your routine lifestyle, it’s time for you to try something that will soothe your mind, body and soul. So, get ready to make your day exciting with this amazing PUBG themed paintball game. 

  • Comedian at Home 

You no longer have to book special tickets for a stand-up comedy show. We let you make it extra special by inviting a comedian at home who comes up with a script that is especially prepared for you. 

The non-stop entertainment lasts for 20-25 minutes and you can plan to enjoy it with a bunch of close buddies or plan to laugh with your special someone. 

Get ready to experience some fun and humour amidst your busy life!  

Now that you have the best list of experience surprise in Kolkota, you can choose the one that you feel would make your day blissful.