Look beyond the monuments- Experiences in Jaipur

A majestic aura, vibrant culture and widespread castles and forts are the first thoughts that cloud anyone’s mind when someone mentions the beautiful city of Jaipur. But do you know that the historical pink city is also the home to the splendid leopards? Or, have you imagined how wonderful and the colourful the city would appear from a bird’s eye view. No, you say? Then it would be a perfect opportunity for you to amaze your loved ones by arranging a surprise program that would not just quench your and their thirst to know about the country’s glorious past but will also provide a breathtaking view of the wildlife. 

We have handpicked a list of premium surprises in Jaipur that would shape a new perception about the destination allowing more options than just heritage-sites to make your and your loved ones’ time memorable in the city of the royals.

You got lost in the nation’s history, now it’s your turn to find your way to the nation’s wildlife

  • Safari In Jhalana Leopard Conservation Reserve, Jaipur

The royalty of Rajasthan is not just present amidst the four walls of the gigantic fortresses. You have heard about the warriors of history, now it is time to meet the warriors of the jungle. Take the exciting road for your squad to experience surprise in Jaipur by booking a safari in Jhalana Conservation reserve for an unforgettable meeting with the magnificent leopards. To ensure the best experience in Jaipur, the tour shall be conducted by an efficient driver in an open-gypsy. What more, the safari won’t just be a ticket to meet the marvelous members of the cat family, but also to spot other interesting animals like Blue Bulls, Spotted Deer, Hanuman Langur, Rhesus Macaque, Small Indian Mongoose, Ruddy Mongoose, Bengal Monitor, Desert Gerbils, Striped Hyena, Desert Fox, Porcupine, Hedgehog, and Sambhar Deer. 

After coming across the spectrum of wildlife, various curiosities are likely to fuel in you and your gang’s mind- like about their appearances, behaviour, part in the ecosystem and much more. But worry not, an expert guide has got the back of all the queries. 

Now, if you ever hear the claims that the Rajasthani city is all about palaces, you know the secret trick to reshape their notion and to give them an unbelievable experience in Jaipur.

It was a wonderful day- but the day is not over yet.

  • Jaipur Night Safari

Everybody knows that Jaipur is a historical gem that shines over the course of the day, but not many people know that the city is a star too that glows brightly as the sun goes down. You can take advantage of this lesser-known fact and set up an amazing evening for your favourite ones that would introduce an unexplored side of the state’s capital to them. 

Most of Jaipur breathes tradition in every nook and corner. And what better way it could be for your squad to understand and appreciate the lifestyle of this Rajasthani city other than by taking a stroll in the local streets and the ancient lanes under the starry skies. We also assure you that your whole company would be astonished to see an altogether different form of the famous Nahargarh fort under the shade of the city lights. The serenity of the moment will get multiplied when the view will be enjoyed with piping hot cups chai/coffee alongside plates of pakoras(fritters) and shared waves of laughter. The explorer spirit of your group still wants more? Then you can head straight to an awesome pub at your nearest location. Practicing contemporary celebrations in a traditional atmosphere shall be one of its own kind experience in Jaipur. By this time, all of you are totally drenched in the culture of Rajasthan. So you shouldn’t be surprised if your whole gang is pulled by the magic of the cravings for the local cuisines. 

Sounds perfect, but don’t know where to start? Allow us to guide you for the perfect night out in the city of the palaces. We promise you, this shall be one of the premium surprises in Jaipur that shall remain etched in your memories for a longer period of time.

Indulge in a “top” notch activity and experience

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride In Jaipur

When one gets very happy, then the person is said to be on cloud nine. Imagine seeing the same expressions on the faces on your dear ones when they will come to know that they are going to see the Rajasthani city by soaring into the clear, blue skies. Their thrill shall know no bounds when they will see the ancient waterside manors with the stone-carved temples from such a high altitude.

The description alone cannot do justice to the fantasy, so including a Hot Air Balloon Ride to the itinerary of Jaipur trip becomes your duty. 

So, get ready, along with your dear family or favorite friends to wake up before the pink city and drift away in the heights to soak the colour and culture of the state’s capital and to take the memorable adventure of a lifetime.

Explore the city of the royals like a royal -get on the high grounds of a helicopter

  • Helicopter Joyride In Jaipur

As your group is about to get done with the sightseeing of all the forts and castles, announce that you guys are doing the expedition again, but this time, the angle will be a bit different- the top angle!

Allow us to step into the moment. Our Helicopter Joyride package will be the answer to your group’s surprised “wow and how”. Ensuring a sensational adventure like never before, we arrange a helicopter flight for you with your near and dear ones over the city for a stunning top view of Amber Fort, the Jal Mahal and other places of historical significance from a height of 1000 ft. The accompanying pilot shall give more information about the specific points as your ride passes through each one of them.

With this aerial perspective activity, you will be able to give your folks a  much deserved “top of the world” feeling not just metaphorically but literally too. Therefore, make sure to fit this Joyride into your itinerary if you aspire to do something extraordinary to give the best surprise to your best people in the pink city.

Whenever you chalk out a program for Jaipur for you and your group, to them, you don’t just give them a vacation, rather, you would gift an experience in Jaipur. Our team couldn’t be happier to be a part of your pleasant experience in Jaipur for your next planned trip.