Experience Surprise in Delhi – Explore & Pick The Best of All Unique Surprises! 

Actions speak louder than words. If you are deeply in love with someone, you know the true essence of the statement. No matter how many times, your partner has said “I Love You” to, it is the way they hold you, nurture you and caress you gently – is what causes butterflies in your tummy! We all yearn for this kind of love and we, of course, deserve someone who can love us without any limitations which is why we came up with some of the best experience surprises in Delhi that will make your love story beautiful. 

Gift An Experience in Delhi – Make Your Partner Fall Head Over Heels in Love With You! 

It is the beautiful; experiences but not the materialistic gifts that you will cherish for your entire lifetime. Letting your partner totally feel that you love them is the greatest gift they are ever going to receive. We at Book The Surprise are here with the best collection of unique surprises in Delhi – especially the ones that might take your breath away or the ones that you might have never witnessed before. 

Gifting an experience in Delhi is now as easy as a single click. 

Feel The Real Thrill of Love With  Experience Surprises 

Unlock The Hidden Treasure 

If you love decoding the clues, this exciting game is for you. Interestingly, there is a surprise hidden for you at the end of the game. All you got to do is book the slot as a sudden surprise for your loved one and let them find the gift. 

Mystery date at Mystery Rooms

Solving mysteries ignites a spark of excitement in your brain. If you are one such person who has got smart brains, this surprise in mystery rooms is the one that you should visit with your partner. 

There will be a hidden surprise in store, waiting to astonish your partner as soon as the mystery is solved. 

A Spooky Supernatural Date 

Bored with a party lifestyle? Ever wanted to have a haunted celebratory experience with your friends or your life partner? 

Get ready to have real spooky experience and let the fear hormones rush through your veins, for a real thrill. 

Go Adventurous in Love 

Paragliding with Flying bike

Enjoy a smooth ride in the air with a professional pilot taking you away, high into the skies. You don’t have to jump from a cliff to enjoy this magical experience. 

Feel the love in the air with this wonderful experience with the love of your life and give your love story – new wings of joy! 

Horse Riding in Gurgaon 

Wanting to experience a royal horse ride with your life partner? This amazing horse ride experience in Gurgaon will give you the real King and Queen feels and make you feel at the top of the world. 

Book a surprise slot and add a chapter of royal horse riding into your love book! 

Motorised Paragliding in Gurgaon 

Let your love soar high in the skies with this exciting motorised paragliding in Gurgaon. Embrace love, each and every moment with your special someone and make your love story exciting than ever. 

You will be accompanied by the professional to ensure that you have a safe take-off and a safe landing. 

“Drive” Your Partner Crazy

Jaguar X Ride – Luxury Experience in Delhi 

If riding Luxury cars is your passion, it’s time to give this passion a true purpose. Do not miss this amazing chance to go on long drives with your special one in Jaguar X. You will be accompanied by a private chauffeur who will be responsible for the pickings and droppings along with the hospitality shown all through the ride. 

Add a little bit of madness to your romantic date. Book a Jaguar X ride and add luxury to your love with one of the best romantic surprises in Delhi. 

Swanky Lounge on wheels

We all dream of partying in moving cars! Having an entirely private arrangement for your own adds a special personal touch to this and making it much more exciting and thrilling. 

Experience the sumptuousness and splendour with this magnificent ride on wheels and gift a memorable experience surprise in Delhi to your loved one. 

Flight of Love 

Want to make your life partner feel special on significant days? Book the surprise to one of your favourite spots and keep it a complete secret. Book the slot for a special flight of love. You will be taken in a private chauffeur to the place of the ride, which ultimately becomes the most beautiful day of your entire life.  

Surprises to Cheer Up The Love of Your Life! 

Balloons Galore 

Sometimes, it is the beautiful, little surprises that fill our hearts with happiness! Let your dear one experience this bliss with a colourful balloon surprise. As your partner gets back home after a long tiring day, he/she will be astonished to see the room filled with a bunch of colourful balloons! 

You can also customise it by adding a special gift to this surprise. 

Record Your Song

Does your partner have a passion for singing? Add life to this passion by letting them sing in a professional recording studio. 

The song is later edited by the experts and sent to you via email! If singing is what makes your loved one happy, this is the one not to be missed! 

Comedian At Home 

Some of us just love attending stand up comedies because a good laugh is what fills our hearts with cheers and joy! Invite a stand-up comedian at home who comes up with a customised script that is prepared especially after acquiring information from you so as to add a real personal, comic touch to your story. 

Musical Jam At Home

Know the favourite song of your favourite person? Let a professional guitarist knock your door on a special day to leave your dear ones completely awestruck with the melody. Let your ordinary days be filled with tunes of love. 

Get ready to swing to the sweetest rhythms by arranging a musical Jam at home. 

Enjoy The Love on Silver Screen 

Turn Your Home Into Theater 

On the days when you feel that your love has been just ordinary, you can arrange a special theatre surprise at your home. Wait until your partner arrives from work to get astonished by the special arrangements by you.  

You can choose a beautiful video of you both to get displayed on the screen as you have a delicious supper with your special someone. 

70 mm surprise 

Take the love of your life to a movie date and plan for an unexpected surprise to pop up in the middle of the movie. 

The sudden proposal that is displayed on the screen as your loved one is deeply immersed in the movie will become a mind-blowing experience. 

Have A Playful Time With Your Partner in Crime

Cook With The Master 

Cooking together is fun! But, cooking together with the master chef can turn into an even more memorable experience. 

Get ready to add a little bit of spice to your relationship by booking a slot for the cooking session with the celebrity and turn your evenings flavoursome. 

Date over Pottery 

Experience the art of moulding something beautiful with your own hands. Get to cherish these mouldings by spending some quality time and extracting the beautiful pieces of art and beauty. 

You will be accompanied by a professional pot maker who can help you mould the pots and have a wonderful experience. 

Now that you have the list of romantic surprises in Delhi, get ready to choose the right one that you feel will make your partner exclaim in joy.