An Amalgam Of Experiences In Chennai With Oodles Of Adventure And Luxury With Book The Surprise To Make Your Next Date Splendid

Chennai is easily one of the recognizable hubs of south India of Cultural and economic significance. Blessed with the vast Coromandel coast off the Bay of Bengal has a great maritime advantage which resulted in becoming one of the top trading centers in the country. A truly cosmopolitan city also among the top metro cities of the country, It is a place of innumerable opportunities for employment and education. The city is also known for the homegrown Tamil film industry.  The rich Tamil heritage, The Unbeatable Tamil cuisine are famed around the world. The experiences in Chennai City will be quite unique when compared to any other city in the country.  The city has its distinctive identity and attracts people from all walks of life and a vast majority have chosen it as their home for its indistinctive qualities.

Chennai has one of the best places to hangout. With the vast beaches and countless historic places with the shades of The East India Company and prehistoric kingdoms evident everywhere, It is a place that can grab anyone’s attention. Book the Surprise is changing the way people experience surprises in Chennai like never before. Ranging from thrilling adventurous experiences to ultra-luxurious escapades, loads of premium surprises in Chennai city to make your occasions with your loved ones more fascinating.

Here are a few unique surprises in Chennai you can gift your near and dear instead of a  conventional date

Go Snorkelling

Snorkeling is a captivating adventure to go for if you love the ocean. If you thought there are great places for Snorkelling in India. Then you have been mistaken. Go Snorkelling at Taj Vivanta with your partner for a refreshing swim along with the shallow corals at the famed Covelong beach.  The Mesmerizing sight of the coral will leave you and your partner smitten. Don’t worry if you are a newbie. There are professional trainers who will guide you throughout for a deep satisfying swim in the sea. Gift an experience in Chennai city like never before instead of a routine gift or dinner together and see the overloaded joy and contentment from the eyes of your partner.

Kayaking Escapade

Covelong beach is the one address where you get to unique surprises in Chennai. Kayaking is one more adventure sport you could endure here without any fear. Kayaking is an enticing recreational activity where you can have all the fun of a rowing adventure with your dear ones. The stagnant water at the Covelong is a perfect spot to go for a joyful Kayaking venture.  With trainers of vast experience by your side, have unlimited fun in the waters with your partner. The placid waters and the trainers will give you a mesmerizing time in the salty waters like you never experienced before. 

A flight to remember

Watching Chennai city from over the sky is absolutely a  true gasping sight. The conglomerate of ancient and contemporary architecture of the city, The vast Coromandel beaches and the mighty Bay of Bengal, all packaged together for a treating sight that will leave you mesmerized.

 Experience pure bliss in the skies as you venture into the high skies with your beloved partner by your side with “A flight to remember ”. If the land is not enough for you to celebrate a cozy time with your dear one, take a flight in a private chartered plane. Witness the vast panoramic views from the sky. To summarize, It is a  ride lasting for 30 mins but memories it gives lasts for a lifetime. One of a kind premium surprises in Chennai to make your glorious occasions more eventful by reaching the farthest of the skies and be hypnotized by the views from above.

Party in Style in a Yacht

If partying in the city seems so mainstream for you, Then you should go for a sail in the high tides to for the ultimate yacht party. Party in style with your dearest in a  private Yacht that will sail through the high tides of the Bay of Bengal. Break the tradition of partying at any random restaurant in the city. Escape from the hustle-bustle of being in the city and book for a luxurious party with your dearest of the people for your glorious occasions. It is an ultimate luxury experience in Chennai that will instantly make you a king among your people.  The yacht is an ultimate epitome of luxury exuding of immense grandeur and practicality. Loaded with a class-leading  air conditioning system and music system, Tap on to your favorite song while feeling comfortable inside the yacht in spite of being in the high tides. Relish on your favorite BBQ grills for the tastiest food to be cooked and served inside. It boards as many as 60 people without any hassles.

Own a Harley for a Day

 Adding to the above premium surprises in Chennai is one more unique surprise you can opt at a reasonable budget. Nothing thumps more than a  Harley Davidson. Ever thought of owning a Harley Davidson? Well, most of the guys out there fancy owning a mean machine. Take it for a spin in the city with your partner in the pillion and you will be amazed by the kind of attention you get. Well if owning a  Harley Davidson bike is still a distant dream for you, Owning is for a Day is very much possible with Book the Surprise by your side. Own a Harley for a Day and ditch your date night for a thumping ride with your partner. Ride without any hassles of the security deposit and just go pick the mean machine at the points of contact of your choice and take it for a memorable spin. Choose the duration you want to keep it with you from hours to an entire day. You can also opt for being part of some unique motorcycle tours to explore some picturesque locations far from the city.  Nothing like riding with your squad and exploring some eye gasping locations for memorable and thumping experience.

The Silver Screen Surprise at Carnival Cinema

Chennai is a  hub for South Indian cinema  and is very well known for their superstars. There has been a special  affection for the Tamils when it comes to cinema. And it is almost obvious for anyone in Chennai to be a movie fanatic. Carnival cinemas are one of the leading multiplex players in the country right now and they are changing the landscape of the country with movie theatres in every city and town of the country. A romantic movie date is an ideal choice for countless couples. Take your partner for their favourite movie at Carnival cinema for an eventful movie experience. Intervals are quite boring and irritating sometimes but not any more. Use the slot of Intermission to give an astounding surprise. One among the  new premium surprises in Chennai is “The Silverscreen Surprise at Carnival Cinema” where you get to Compile a set of adorable pictures of your partner and heartwarming message to be projected on the Big screen. Leave your partner shell shocked in surprise.

If you really want to step out of the routine and plan something outstanding to surprise your partner this anniversary, Book the Surprise has compiled one of the best romantic surprises in Chennai