Cherish Your Next Date With An Experience Surprise In Bangalore City With Book The Surprise

“Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show”. No doubt the ancient Zen Buddhist philosophy got it right and there is countless research to back that today’s millennial is exclusively investing in experiences which give them countless memories and everlasting happiness over materialistic things. And the millennials in the bustling tech metropolis of Bangalore is not far behind in flaunting their experience. But are you having a tough time to explore the best experiences on some special moments with your special ones amid the chaos and distraction in the Green city?

Well, Bangalore is blessed to have the weather that is loved by countless people and people from many walks of life have chosen Bangalore as their home. The large expanse of gardens within the city will sometimes resemble like dense tropical rainforest. The distinctive greenery amidst the new bustling metropolis often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India has set Bangalore to be a class apart in comparison to other cities in India. Off late the rising traffic and pollution has made the city quite a chaotic place at times, but still, the city stills mesmerized with its distinctive qualities. 

There are few experiences in Bangalore to give a try If you happen to be in Bangalore. While most of which people are fairly unaware. Few of such surprise has been complied together on Book the Surprise as a part of premium surprises in Bangalore city. Spending a delightful evening or dinner might sound quite mainstream to experience for a glorious occasion like a Birthday (or) Anniversary.  Now that Valentine’s day is around the corner, explore plenty of tailor-made premium surprises for those enduring experiences with your beloved ones to cherish for a lifetime.

A Surprise Shooting Game

Are you the one who are looking for an adrenaline rush indulging in some adventure game and tactical sports? We have a range of some stunning experiences for you to choose to have an experience of a lifetime.

 Who wouldn’t have fantasized of holding a gun? Get into the shoes like your favourite movie stars who you have admired on the silver screen and share the experience with your dear ones. Find out whether you and your counterparts are really good at aim and shoot. Surprise your friends and family with an exclusive slot with a heart-thumping experience at a shooting game. Located in the heart of the city is an exclusive shooting range of world-class facilities. Aim, Point and shoot and compete with your dear ones for twenty rounds to get those goosebumps high. 

Become Pilot for a Ride

For those who want a break from mainstream ideas and really need an episode of adrenaline rush with their partner, Then get ready for an adventurous experience in Bangalore city. Cruise in high skies as you or your beloved will co-pilot your flight along with a designated pilot who will explore the skies above the Garden city in a  Cessna – make micro flight. Designed for one person, this ride is being executed with trained pilots to give you an exhilarating experience like never before.

A micro flight of Cessna makes will be operated from Jakkur Airfield, Bangalore. Reach in the early hours of the day to experience this adventurous experience surprise in Bangalore. The Breathtaking views on this whole itinerary will surely be nurtured for a long time to come.

Archery Game- Become the Warrior

Unleash your hidden Baahubali in you and immerse yourself in archery games. Compete with your friends and family to explore who the better warrior is. A really unique surprise in Bangalore with an unparalleled experience to fill your day with fun and adventure. Archery is an ancient sport and art of warfare which even the present generation fantasise to this date. It requires proper safety and controlled environment to rejoice the sport in the utmost entertaining way with your dear ones.  We have the right venue right in the middle of the Bangalore city where you will be trained by trained professionals in an exclusive sporting arena with international standards and safety. Challenge your beloved ones in the most unusual way and immerse in the adventurous mode. Another magnificent experience in Bangalore city with Book the Surprise for the adventure sport addicts.

Surprise visit to an Old Age Home

The greatest gift you can give someone is your time. Because when you are giving your time you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back. Being in association with the elderly feels like the best classroom you could ever afford to spend your time. Gift an experience in Bangalore city to your dearest some quality time at an old age home. The positivity and wisdom they share with you will give an unforgettable experience for you to rejoice the day with contentment. If you are wondering to have a day with a purpose but also filled with some warm surprises then this is the best surprise you can have yourself and your dear companions or family. 

Parasailing adventure in Bangalore

Parasailing is a one of a kind treat for those who crave for adventures in the sky. Like in the traditional parasailing venues you don’t have to climb mountains and jump over a cliff. A daring experience surprise in Bangalore that in a busy suburb of Jakkur within the city.  Motorised parasailing offers that same thrills and goosebumps as in that of a traditional parasailing. The Experience is well conceptualized with all the safety parameters and guided under trained professionals to give you an unforgettable experience. Get over romantic date nights and venture into some daredevil escapades with your partner in crime for a healthy dose of adventure in your romantic life.

The experience lasts for around 10-15 mins where you and your partner will be strapped together over your parachute to a vehicle. Indulge in a flight for an exhilarating experience to cherish for a long time.

Cruise on a Harley for a  day

“Cruise on a Harley for a  day” is a premium surprise in  Bangalore just made for the bike enthusiasts who want take a  Beasty Harley Davidson for a spin. Specially conceptualized keeping the ladies in mind who really knows their hubby’s craze for mean machines. A flashy Harley Davidson Street 750 will be at your disposal for that day. Go for a cruise in the city all day long on the mean bike with your partner. Book in advance and the bike can be picked at the points of convenience. All you need is to keep a copy of Driving licence handy. Be it on his birthday or Anniversary or even the coming Valentines Day. This is the ride that he has been craving. Witness his Excitement and be ready for an extra dose of affection towards you after this exhilarating surprise.

These are just a few to give you the faintest of the new exclusive range of premium surprises that have been complied together at Book the Surprises to give you the best experience surprises in Bangalore city.  Fill your moments together with a dose of extraordinary experiences and craft new memories.