Candle Light Dinners in Pune – Your Love Story Deserves Some Best Quality Time! 

Being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings ever! You have someone to whom you can pour your heart out! Someone who stands by you in all walks of your life to share your joy and misery, someone who brings out a completely new version of you and loves you skin deep no matter what.

Doesn’t this special person deserve to know that you love them the same? We help you manifest your special feelings with candlelight dinner experiences because it is the special experiences like these that can keep your bond growing stronger with each passing day.

Romantic Candle Light Dinners for A Date Night That You Have Been Dreaming About!

Although there are numerous hill stations in Pune that can fill your heart with feel-good vibes, candlelight dinner experiences are the ones not to be missed, not just because these restaurants offer them, but because these restaurants crave to give your love story, a glorious chance to spend some best quality time, away from the world.

A hectic week, deadlines from your boss and your efforts to meet them can keep you occupied for most of the time. But, if you crave for a balance in both your professional and personal life and ambience filled with magic and your partner by your side are what you need.

Candlelight dinners are one of the finest date experiences as they keep you hooked up with each other and give you some best lifetime memories.

Love life is amazing when you can collect some best moments which can make you experience the true essence of love and this can turn into a reality with these extravagant candlelight dinners at Pune!

Places for Candle Light Dinner in Pune

Choosing the right place is the most important aspect when it comes to candlelight dinners because, sometimes, it is the right ambience that sets us in the right mood.

So, to let you pick the best one that can make your heart blossom with happiness, we are here with a list of the best places that you can choose from.

1.  Cafe Du Mich – Mundhwa Road – Open Garden Candle Light Dinner in Pune

We lose ourselves in the quintessence of nature, especially when we are seeking relaxation and peace and if this relaxation is obtained in open arms of nature, more precisely in the presence of someone whom we love the most, it would undoubtedly turn into a beautiful memory.

Cafe Du Mich is one of the classiest places including the garden setting, with gorgeous decoration and a mind-blowing arrangement specially made for candlelight dinners.

Experience the best quality service and get pampered every moment of the entire candlelight dinner experience that starts with welcome drinks!

If you are an absolute lover of nature and are looking for the best date experience, Cafe Du Mich is the one to be visited.

2. Rooftop Candle Light Dinner at Tehelka

Dining with your ‘partner in crime’ over the rooftop is the best feeling ever because you have a beautiful sky above you, your special someone by your side and more importantly – love that is as limitless as the sky. If you have ever imagined holding hands with your special someone on an open rooftop and felt love and bliss flowing through your veins, rooftop candlelight dinners are the ones to be written in your wish list.

Rooftop Candlelight dinners give you a completely new experience as they add richness and luxury to your dining experience.

Relishing your favourite food in open space and having your partner by your side in the presence of moonlight is one of the most beautiful experiences you can ever have.

3. Contemporary Private Candle Light Dinner in Pune, Tehelka

If you have been looking for the best place that can bring serenity into your love life, this private table set up at Tehelka is the perfect choice for you.

You will be welcomed with some refreshing drinks, that will be followed by a delicious supper. Get ready to dine and have sweet talks at a private table that is lavishly decorated with rose petals, candles and balloons that will perfectly set your mood for a romantic evening.

Gear up yourself for the best candlelight dinner in Pune at Silver Square, Vishal Nagar and enjoy the most romantic date night of your entire life.

4. Poolside Lunch at Sorina Hillside Resort

An Open Sky and a venue by the poolside are the most beautiful assets, anyone would crave for – especially those who are deeply in love.

If you have been craving for such an experience and if you wish to turn your dreams into reality, pack your bags and get ready to hit this amazing location that will take your breath away.

The cool breeze that makes quick swifts through your hair, a table that is wonderfully embellished with fragrance-filled candles and roses, sparkling welcome drinks that you will relish on each sip will make your date experience – a romantic dream come true.

The Perks of Booking A Candle Light Dinner at Book The Surprise!

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1.  Choose From The Best of All Candlelight Dinners in Pune

If you are in a hunt for the best places for candlelight dinners in Pune, you do not have to put in much effort to find one. We have the list of topmost candlelight dinners along with the best restaurants in Pune mentioned above for candlelight dinners that you can find with just a single click.

You just have to mention your specifications and we are here to suggest you the best one in the city.

2. Plan A Fantastic Date Night Within Your Budget

Planning for a cost-effective date night is something that we all wish to go for. So, if you wish to save those extra bucks and also experience the best date night of your life, these candlelight dinners are at your rescue.

So, the next time you desire a splendid and luxurious, romantic date out with your partner, the cost is never your concern.

Pick your favourite from a list of candlelight dinners that are all affordable.

3. Rooftop, Poolside or A Private Table! – The Choice is Yours

Candlelight dinner is not restricted to one but implies a wide range of experiences that can set your mood right.

If you are an ardent lover of nature, you can go for a garden set up dining, if pools get you into a romantic mood, poolside dinners can ignite the right spark of romance.

You can also choose a rooftop candlelight dinner experience if open places with the moon in your vicinity are your mood-boosters.

4. Your Comfort Is Our Top Most Priority

When you choose to spend some best moments with your favourite person, we take it to every step to make you feel safe, comfortable, light-hearted, romantic and most importantly – deeply loved.

The feel-good ambience that these restaurants possess, the way you get pampered, the hospitality offered during the experience are worthy of all the love you have for your partner.

Now that you have the list of Candle Light Dinners in Pune within your reach, you do not have to while away much of your time in finding out the right one in the city.

So, if you are a Punekar and are looking for a romantic evening, you know where to go!