Experience A Scintillating Candle Light Dinner In Mumbai Like Never Before With Extensive Range of Options At  Book The Surprise

The City of Mumbai is undoubtedly the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of the country. Home to diverse cultures and mixed ethnicities who dwell together in Unison. The rich heritage in the city is very much evident in the distinctive architecture which has traces of the consecutive indigenous empires, The Portuguese, The British, etc.

Every Mumbaikar is proud to be an inhabitant of this magnificent city. People of Mumbai are well appreciated for their Warm and welcoming nature and “Work hard, Party Harder” attitude.The Mumbaikars  are always in high spirits and the city still attracts migrants from all over the country.

Even so, the city is chaotic and crowded most of the time. It is sometimes hard to spend a delightful time together on a special day which is what most couples look out for. All it needs is to allow yourselves to pamper in an undisturbed time together and Mumbai is blessed to have amazing places to hangout. Something like a delightful candlelight dinner at a beautiful secluded place will help you revisit the memory lanes and create some new sweet memories.  For that you don’t have to travel away with your sweetheart from the buzzing city to celebrate your events of joy and triumphs. Book The Surprise has categorized several breathtaking locales to experience a private candlelight dinner in Mumbai city. Here are a few kinds of experiences which you can indulge yourselves with the help of Book the Surprise.

Romantic Candlelight dinner by the Beach

A Candlelight dinner experience by the Arabian Sea might sound impossible with those crowded beaches. A candlelight dinner in Mumbai beach is very much possible. Well, the moist breezes and the moonlight will be experienced way differently at our exclusive locations in Mumbai city. Perhaps some of the best in the city experience you don’t want to miss in a lifetime  being here in Mumbai. The subtle candlelight and the aroma from the flower decorations is going to overpower the mild breeze and the vibrant moonlight to give you an unforgettable experience. A dining experience with an exclusive indigenous and continental menu will linger in your tastebuds. Immerse in romance with your better half  as you will be treated with the subtle moonlight and and the sultry breeze by the beach. No doubt you will treat your partner a spectacular experience to last an eternity.

Dinner date at Beachside Cabana

Cabanas offer the utmost privacy for a secluded time with your partner. A Decorated canopy with candles and rose petals along the beaches of the mighty Arabian Sea. Feel the crisp and tangy breeze by the beach and  Gaze at the moon high above gleaming over the mighty Skyline of Mumbai city. Make yourself comfortable at your private Candlelight setup. Feel the cold golden sands and the scattered seashells by your feet as your relish on the fizzy and tangy welcome mocktails. Enjoy a majestic dinner with distinctive  North Indian and Continental cuisine with your delightful partner. The experiences on offer at our portfolio are going to leave you and your partner spellbound. Fill your glorious occasions and memorable days with these out of the world experiences to bring fresh lease of life to your everlasting romance. 

Outdoor Movie Date Night

The Charm of Bollywood is all over and is sure to have left an undeniable impression in Mumbaikars. Their romance is equally captivating like the superstars they adore and it is hard not to be a movie buff being in the hotbed of Bollywood. If your partner is a movie fanatic like you, Then surprise them with a movie surprise that is going to leave mesmerized. A cozy dinner. A  cozy couch like a setup to have a delightful movie watching experience. End the movie watching experience with your private chef serving you a delightful 5 course meal with a wide range of authentic vegetarian dishes at a private candlelight setup with specially curated dishes to satiate your appetite and entice your taste buds for a satisfying dining experience.

Beachfront Candlelight Dinner

A romantic candlelight dinner in Mumbai is just a few clicks away. Book the Surprise offers the most secluded destinations around the city to abandon yourselves in a  passionate time together. Want to a step further? Go classy with a five-star dining experience with a table decorated with Candlelight and rose petals,  just reserved for you two. The splendid view of the Arabian sea after the sunsets will be out of this world. The impressive mocktails followed by a bottle of sparkling wine will set the mood for the rest of the evening.Your private chef will be serving you a platter of a 4-course meal with indigenous and continental delicacies. The best Conversations happen late at night and thus enjoy the rest of the evening with priceless conversations  with your partner in crime and get a hold of the lost essence in your relationship.

Beachfront Romantic Shack dining

There are abundant places for candlelight dinner in Mumbai city to look out for which offer unique experiences. One such dining experience is shack dining by the beach.Who  thought shacks would be this delightful place to spend some quality private time. A Decorated shack with candles and rose petals accompanied with breathtaking views of the mighty Arabian sea. Feel welcomed with the refreshing mocktails and luxuriate yourselves in some sweet romance at the private shack as you feel the cold sands by your feet and as the sun sets  down completely. The appetizing three-course, North Indian and continental meals will be deeply enjoyed by you and your beloved.After your sumptuous meal feel the tantalizing beach with sweet music of the waves to soothe your ears and indulge in some flirty talks for the rest of the evening.

Romantic Dining over the Blue

An elevated deck with waterfalls by the end splashing over a mighty pool beneath. Sounds marvelous right? How about a romantic dinner date with a magnificent Candlelight setup over a decorated table over the deck? That is what exactly on offer in BooktheSurprise. Experience the majestic experience of a candlelight dinner in Mumbai at the VITS Hotel, Andheri East.

The efficient staff at the VITS hotels will welcome you graciously with exclusive welcome mocktails . As you bury yourself into a deep romantic conversation, The diligent staff  with exemplary culinary skills will put forth a decorated 3-course meal with multiple delectables to appetize your cravings. A delightful experience that is going to leave an undeniable impression on your partner with an evening  that will be glued in the times to come.

Outdoor Candlelight Dinner at Novotel

You don’t have to pack yourselves to an outstation destination for private time. An evening with an exclusive private candlelight dinner in Mumbai city is very much possible at our elite locales. Mesmerize yourselves for a luxurious Candlelight Dinner at one of the premium addresses in mumbai city. Novotel hotels, Juhu is a beach front  property offering breathtaking views of the sprawling Juhu beach.Feel special with a reserved table decorated gracefully and facing the sea. 

The royal welcome drinks will be followed by the Chef’s special 4 course meal with mouthwatering savoury dishes. Load the celebrations with customizations of your choice and give the luxurious evening a personal touch.  

Private Rooftop Candlelight Dinner

Mumbai is always a treat to watch from the higher ground. Be mesmerized by the tall promising skyline of Mumbai City and what follows. A rooftop candlelight dinner brimming with surprises, witnessing the grandeur of the city will leave your partner stunned.Have yourselves a reserved private rooftop just for yourselves to immerse in romance and sweet memorable conversations.

The flower adored table with a magnificent Candlelight setup will be striking place to spend the rest of the evening with your loved ones.The rejuvenating welcome drinks and the breeze in the high skies will add magic to your heart to heart  chat. Relish together to the splendid North Indian cuisine with your choice veg /non.veg delicacies to complete the evening with fulfillment.

Private Candlelight Dinner

A romantic candlelight dinner in Mumbai is just a few clicks away. Book the Surprise offers the most secluded destinations around the city to abandon yourselves in a  passionate time together. The wide range of places on offer stretching from choice of affordability and vibrance will give you.  Have your own candlelight table setup with vibrant floral decorations The elegant decor and ambience choices will give you a sense of amazement with what the city has instore for your ideal romantic date. Infuse love and romance into the environs and they will radiate you back ambience and hospitality. Tantalize your taste-buds  with multi flavoured welcome drinks and have the freedom to choose from the range of multi cuisine dinner options from NorthIndian, Continental, Italian, American etc. The dining experience will be of top notch and keep the romantic vibes high all throughout the evening.

These are just a few of the countable experiences of Candle light dinners in Mumbai. Browse through the unlimited options you can go for on Book the Surprise and grace the coming Valentines day or your occasions  with the surprise and festivities.