Candle Light Dinner at Kolkata – The “City Of Joy ” is Here to Spill The Magic Of Love! 

If you are looking for a perfect place for candle light dinner at Kolkata, you have not one but eleven awesome places to choose from! The “City of Joy ” has got you covered with some amazing restaurants that offer exquisite candle light dinners with a perfect ambience and feel-good vibes. 

All you got to do is, explore the best candle light dinner experience at Kolkata that you and your partner would love to visit and keep it as a secret surprise until the lovely moment of dating together in the presence of candle light arrives. 

Why Candle Light Dinners Make The Best Date Night Ideas for A Perfect Romantic Day?

A week that totally keeps you occupied with work, makes you crave for some quality time to be spent with your partner. Although there are numerous surprise ideas to make your moments lovely, candlelight dinners are the best experiences that will let you have the most romantic time – especially the one that will enhance your lovely bond and help you recreate some best and beautiful memories. 

This is because of the lovely atmosphere, delectable food on the table and the unconditional warmth and generosity showered by them that makes the experience passionately romantic. 

If you ever wanted to get away from all the worries and spend a lovely evening with your special someone, these romantic candlelight dinners are the ones that you need to book to keep the love glowing bright and beautiful. 

Best Places for Candle Light Dinner in Kolkata

Picking up your choice of candle light dinner restaurant at Kolkata can be a tedious task, especially if you are particular about certain specifications. We at Book The Surprise offer a good list of private candle light dinners in Kolkata including – Rooftop, poolside, lounge dining and many more to make your selection easy and worthy of all your special time. 

Here’s a glance of some topmost restaurants that offer the finest candle light dinner experiences.

Luxury dining at Swissotel

A Private table set up for just the two of you, luxurious dining space and a private butler to serve you some delicious food will make you want to spend a little bit of more time with the love of your life. 

The private room is decorated with balloons and flowers, which adds a special charm to your date night. An appetizing north Indian cuisine served at your table and a delicious chocolate cake will add a distinctive flavour to your romantic candlelight dinner in Kolkata.

Majestic Deck Dining

Feel at the top of the world with an exclusive deck dining offered at Acropolis mall and let your feelings pour out to your special someone as the sky turns dusky. Let the romantic shade smear the sky as well as your lovely faces to set a perfect romantic vibe that keeps your evening lovely. 

The table is decorated with fragrance-filled candles and rose petals, delicious meal. You can also customise your date night by adding cake and flowers, as special surprises. 

The entire date experience is made magical with the help of soothing live music, playing at the backdrop.

Classy Indoor Candle Light Dinner

Bored with the modern style of dating? Experience the royalty and richness at the Sarat Bose Road, near Hazra. The classic, vintage theme of the restaurant and the magnificent home decor, will make you feel like the King and Queen. 

The delicious 3-course complete meal including some sizzling starters, mains and a dessert to gratify your tummy will make your supper complete.

Pleasant Romantic Dining

Sometimes, it is the dim ambience and the romantic vibes that let you speak your heart out to your partner. Biswa Bangla Sarani has got one of the finest restaurants with a pleasant ambience and expensive decor that will make you feel warm and cosy and let you melt in your partner’s company. 

You can also customise the candlelight dinner experience with a savoury cake and a bunch of gorgeous flowers.

Decorous Rooftop Dining By The Poolside

An open sky gives us a little bit of more confidence to love our dear ones! It teaches us to be limitless while offering our love. Let this magical feeling imbibe into your heart and soul with this stupendous rooftop poolside candle light dinner in Kolkata – (Biswa Bangla Sarani Road. 

The arrangement of an open rooftop candle light dinner at Kolkata with a poolside arrangement by the side is something that will keep you deeply hooked up with your partner. 

Classy Multi Cuisine Dining

Rose petals and candles – The most romantic attributes of a lovely evening. Make your dating experience wonderful with this magnificent candle light dinner at Acropolis mall where a private table, gorgeously decorated with rose petals and scented candles will unleash your intimacy. 

The multi cuisine meal, so well and exceptionally served by the private butler, the romantic music playing at the backdrop and the both of you dressed up as a lovely couple will make your night – a romantic fantasy that you always wanted to fulfil.

Exclusive Romantic Dining

A quiet space and a soothing ambience is something that we all need to convey our purest emotions to our loved ones and this amazing place decorated with balloons and a well-furnished decor with the best interiors is something that your love story deserves. 

The table, decorated with scented candles and fresh rose petals will set you both in a romantic mood. 

As you enjoy a special evening, a private butler will be there for you to serve you with some delectable delicacies.

Conventional Lounge Dining

Love being classy in love? This conventional lounge dining is one of the best private candle light dinner dates you are ever going to experience. As you both get all set to experience a lovely evening together, an appetising 4-course meal will be served to you by a private butler. 

You can also add a little bit of sweetness to your relationship by customising it with a flavoursome chocolate cake and a bunch of fresh flowers.

Luxurious Poolside Dining

If you have dreamt of having a luxurious dining experience with the love of your life, this exclusive place at Acropolis mall is the one that will completely take your breath away. A warm welcome with mocktails and a delicious 4-course meal will make your experience a beautiful memory for a lifetime. 

You can also have a fun and playful time by dipping your feet into the pool! Enjoy your date on a private table that is decorated with scented candles and rose petals. This classy rooftop plus poolside dining experience is something that will set you on a perfect romantic evening. 

Romantic Dining in Terrace Gallery

Get ready to date under a starry sky, a fine rooftop, where a gorgeously decorated private table is set up for you both. The refreshing drinks, a delicious 3-course meal, including a lip-smacking dessert will add some rich and romantic flavours to your date. 

The romantic music playing at the backdrop will make you swift in love. A delicious 3 course meal consisting of some sizzling starters, mains and lip-smacking desserts will fill your heart and tummy with love. 

Now that you have the list of candle light dinners at Kolkata, the next time you want to pick a place for the best candle light dinner experience, you know where you exactly want to go.