Candlelight Dinners in Bangalore for Having a Romantic Time with Your Love

When it comes to candlelight dinners, Bangalore is an amazing location. The beautiful restaurants, incredible food, beautiful weather, etc, make the whole experience perfect for you and your special someone. Imagine the two of you sitting together facing each other, with beautiful candlelight’s flickering in the wind.  Truly spectacular isn’t it? Make beautiful memories like these with your loved ones so that years from now you can look back and understand what an amazing time the two of you had together. We offer a wide array of candlelight dinner restaurants in Bangalore set in different locations. We have poolside candlelight dinners, Arabian candlelight dinners, vegan candlelight dinners and  rooftop candlelight dinners in Bangalore and much more. Choose one of the two you love and we will make sure you and your partner will have a fantastic time. Scroll down to reserve your best place for candlelight dinner in Bangalore.  The best thing about classics is that they never cease to enchant and astound. Candlelight meals are such a traditional romantic gesture. It is impossible to overstate the joy of dining with your faces blazing in the candlelight and your lips wide with beaming smiles. Netflix and chill may be cool, but the definition of romance will always be the same. Candlelight dinners are lovely, but planning one may be a challenge, especially if you’re the one doing all the running about. We have therefore attempted to address some frequently asked questions that one could have while planning an evening this unique to make it simpler for you. Hope it’s helpful!

A candlelight dinner entails what?

This query is frequently asked. Everyone has heard of this phrase, yet very few are aware of its true meaning. Dinners eaten by candlelight are exactly what they sound like—dinners. Focusing on one other, the romance between two individuals, and spending time together without any interruptions is crucial (not even phone screens). What matters most over a candlelight meal are the discussions you have, the laughter you share, and the memories you make to treasure in the future.

What should you wear to a candle-lit dinner?

For something traditional, dressing up calls for a formal appearance. The finest way to dress for a candlelight supper with your lover is in a suit for the men and a stylish black or red dress for the women. Dark clothing is advised if you want your face to glow in the candlelight. This time, women can choose to wear their high heels because the event will be held seated and involve little effort but plenty of passion.

My home is in Bangalore. Do you provide Candlelight Dinners in this location?

An excellent spot to stay in Bangalore. Don’t worry if you’re arranging a romantic candlelit meal with your loved ones. We provide various types of candle-lit dinners to make your date unforgettable. You can schedule a candle-lit supper for two by the pool, on a rooftop, or in a secluded setting in Bangalore. By ordering a cake or flowers, for example, you can make your date considerably more interesting. Right where you are, you can surprise your special someone!

Candle Light Dinner By The Pool

In case you are in the quest of the best Poolside candlelight dinner in Bangalore, we assure you will have an ambience that is unparalleled when it comes to private candlelight dinner in Bangalore. The beautiful blue colour of the pool, the lights, etc, make the experience magical. This is the perfect way to remove all the unwanted stress in your mind and just get lost in the eyes of your loved one.

Enjoy a delicious meal by the poolside with your one true love and make beautiful memories that will last an entire lifetime. We can assure you that you and your loved one will have a great time at the poolside dinner in Bangalore that we offer and we have made sure that the ambience of the places included on our website is as romantic as possible.

Rooftop Candle Light Dinners

Enjoy the beautiful views of our city while eating a delicious meal with your loved one. Bangalore is a beautiful city filled with beautiful people like you. Having your romantic candlelight dinner in Bangalore on the rooftop means that you can get a bird’s-eye view of this beautiful city while engaging in beautiful conversations with your loved one. Rooftop candlelight dinner in Bangalore are the best.

Moreover, you can do all this while eating a tasty meal. We have rooftop candlelight dinners in Bangalore at different restaurants in the city so choose one near you or one which has your favourite cuisine food so that you can make the experience a whole lot better. The rooftop ambience is unlike any other you might have experienced so far so you should give it a try.

Vegetarian/Vegan Candle Light Dinners

If you are a pure vegetarian or a vegan we have candlelight dinners in Bangalore where the whole restaurant serves only vegetarian food. Veganism is something many of us follow these days. Eat at a restaurant where you can be sure that the food they serve is vegetarian rather than eating somewhere where they serve both veg and non-veg meals. Pre-veg candlelight dinners in Bangalore are something you will love.

Cabana Candle Light Dinners

If you want the utmost privacy during your candlelight dinner, we have cabana candlelight dinners in Bangalore. Sometimes we don’t want any disturbances when we are with our partner. When you choose one of our cabana candlelight dinners in Bangalore for couples, privacy will never be an issue. To make things even better some of our candlelight dinners are by poolside so that you can have the best ambience fit for you and your loved one. Enjoy your favourite meals alongside your loved ones in peace. This is the perfect way to forget about all your worries about work and just sit back and relax.

 Candle Light Dinner with A Movie

You don’t have to just stop at dinner to show your love for your special someone. You can have dinner along with a private movie screening just for the two of you. A candlelight dinner cannot get more exciting than this. You will have your room where there will be a decorated table and a screen to play your movie. You can choose a movie of your own choice as well. Enjoy a beautiful movie and romantic dinner date with your loved one. This is an experience that you will never forget.

Why Should You Choose Our Candle Light Dinners in Bangalore?

The candlelight dinners we offer are at very good restaurants which have very delicious food. Moreover, the ambience at these restaurants is very romantic as well, making it perfect for a nice dinner date. Moreover, our price is very reasonable as well. So, if you want to dine in some of the best restaurants in Bangalore for candlelight dinner then you have come to the right place.

You don’t have to pay too much for having a romantic candlelight dinner in Bangalore with your loved one. Also, we have different types of candlelight dinners (poolside in Bangalore, rooftop, cabana, etc) so that you can choose whichever one suits your mood. Try out one of our candlelight dinners experiences and you will come back to us for a second time.

Good Quality Restaurants

All the restaurants that offer Valentine’s Day candlelight dinners in Bangalore mentioned on our website are the best of the best. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the food as it is going to be very good. Also, the staff in the restaurants are very courteous and will cater to your every need so that you have a nice time with your loved one.

Have Trouble Choosing the Right Type Of Dinner For Your Loved One?

That’s what we are here for. Just message us on the live chat option or call us on the phone number mentioned on the website. We will help you decide and answer any queries you have about our products. We will make sure we find the candlelight dinner that you are looking for.

Now that you know how to enjoy a beautiful evening with your loved one check out our website and find the best place for candlelight dinner in Bangalore for couples that the two of you will love. The restaurants mentioned on our website that offer candlelight dinners are located all around the city so you won’t have a hard time choosing one near your house. Order now and get ready to experience one of the most romantic and magical experiences you have ever been in your life. Our collection of dinner dates is one of the best candlelight dinner experiences in Bangalore.

Candlelight dinners are particularly advantageous since communication between the spouses is essential to a healthy relationship. However, there is a potential for misinterpretation now because of the busy schedule, which leads to frequent arguments. Therefore, it is always advised to do something unique where you can spend quality time with your lover to keep your romance alive and refreshing. Candles are associated with romance, therefore having a candle-lit meal is the greatest method to maintain your romance. You can also spend a lot of time talking about your plans while having a candle-lit supper.

How to plan a romantic dinner with candles?

Decide on a location

To plan the ideal candle-lit supper, it is also advised that the location be cool and have some natural sights that you may observe while spending a lot of time there. The candlelight supper is best held at the beach or another open, green area.


Invited partners should be asked for everything they could need for a light meal to enjoy such delightful times. Make a heartfelt invitation card and present it to the recipient along with a bunch of flowers.

Display with a lovely candle holder

For such lovely occasions, decoration is still important. So, it was decorated with what the person liked most, with appealing candle holders, the finest music for the occasion, articles of the best colour for décor, and fresh flowers arranged in vases scattered about. Use the most elegant and expensive bowls, plates, spoons, forks, glasses, and other utensils that you have preserved for special occasions.

Choose a menu

You should be aware of your partner’s preferences and place orders for the dishes they enjoy the most. The soup, salad, or appetizer should always come first, then the main entrée. Along with the food, Do spoke.

Dress up

Choose a hot and sensual outfit for yourself that your lover will adore the best. Colour choice is also crucial.

How can a candlelight supper be organised in Bangalore?

Do you live in Bangalore and wish to get away from the daily grind to spend some time with your partner? It might not be possible to take your sweetheart out for a romantic supper at a fancy restaurant given the new normal circumstances. Don’t worry any longer. Team Bookthesurprise works hard to make sure that you don’t miss out on these life-changing opportunities. We can assist innumerable options of candlelight dinners with a stay in Bangalore.

Who in Bangalore organizes the greatest candlelit dinners?

Are you assessing your options for a candlelit supper for two in Bangalore, including where to go and how to set things up? Want to kick back and relax instead of going through the trouble of planning? So, therefore, rest assured that we are with you every step of the way. We take care of everything, all within reasonable price ranges, beginning with comprehending your expectations for the candlelit meal and ending with flawless execution.

 In Bangalore, how would one plan a candlelight meal at home?

Do you miss the wonderful candlelit dinners at popular restaurants from your youth? Can you still sense the romance? Want to recreate the same scene at your house to completely charm your partner? You can come to Bookthesurprise for all of your needs. We can create any type of dining setting you may imagine, whether it be inside, on a rooftop, or in a garden.

How can a candlelit supper be scheduled in Bangalore?

Bookthesurprise is only a phone call or a few clicks away. Set up a session with us, share your ideas with us, and we’ll handle the rest. With Bookthesurprise, you won’t have to worry about paying a high consultation and décor planning cost as you would with other decorators. Our major concerns are to assist you in making the day memorable and in creating lasting memories. So don’t hesitate any longer and reserve a Candle light dinner for couples in Bangalore with us for a magical experience.