Unique and Awe-inspiring Experience Presents in Bangalore for a Special Day

It is a fashion nowadays to leave out the materialistic gifts and give some thrilling experience gifts that they can plan out all by themselves.

Make their fantasies and wishes come true on their special day with our spectacular experience gifts. Starting right from candlelight dinner in Bangalore to competitive games of shooting and archery.

Give them the special treatment of a king and a queen and pick from our huge range of experience gifts. Our premium gift packages bring experience presents that are just waiting to create memories which will last forever.

Take them to the most fascinating places of Bangalore that are widely known for adventurous and leisure spots to kick off all the tensions and hustle. Plan on your journey for the upcoming special occasion as we place some adorable surprises along the way for your ideal rejuvenation.

Enjoy fun experiences with your loved ones! Forget the old gifting style, test out something new. We provide the most memorable and enjoyable experiences that your special someone will remember forever. Be it a birthday, romantic surprise or any other special occasion give us the opportunity to deliver the perfect gift.

Bookthesurprise has the main focus to keep your loved ones happy, and by providing crazy and entertaining experiences that will appeal to them. We bring to you special experience gifts that anyone can enjoy. Make everlasting memories, with our awesome experience presents.

Shop From an Array of Experience Gift Ideas Online

Select from the huge diversity of experience presents in Bangalore to deliver sensational experiences to your loved ones that they would always remember.

Devote Some Romantic Time to Your Partner

Cabana Along Poolside

Celebrate the lovely moments of life with your life partner at a ravishing poolside candlelight dinner in Bangalore specially made for you two Experience an elite and appealing date with the love of your life.

Enjoy delicious course meal at a five star hotel and engage in some interesting conversations with a candlelight dinner in Bangalore,

Count on us to deliver on your big day like birthday, anniversary or any special day that has a lovely history to it.

The beautiful weather in Bangalore will add to your experience to enjoy private candlelight dinner in Bangalore. Get some more additional surprises by our team to your loved ones.

Milk Bath for Couples

Make it more romantic and bring the spark to your relationship with a rejuvenating bath with your sweetheart in an exquisite private bath tub. Forget all your conflicts and have a relaxing time with your beloved. Feel the enchantment as you bath in a blend of honey, milk and rose petals that will bring a nourishing and replenishing skin.

This is honestly an out of the world experience and a must try for those who desires to bring comfort, luxury and a romantic essence with their partners in their relaxing time!

Arrange Surprise Gifts Anywhere & Everywhere

Surprise Full Day

Is it a birthday of you close one? Ever considered the idea of giving an awe-inspiring chain of surprises for your dear ones?

We have prepared an entire day dedicated to surprises for your special ones. So award them with some excellent surprises planned for the following hours.

To begin with we arrive with a Pikachu, a wish board and cake at midnight while your birthday smarty is asleep. Then opening a grand morning with a Balloon box with balloons, Oye It’s My Birthday T-shirt & a Greeting Card. At 12 PM Fridge Magnets and fun cards can be discovered. At 2 PM: a lovely Photo Frame will be uncovered.  At 4 PM Plant With A Quote will be presented. At 6 PM: Chocolates/Cupcakes With some Cute Messages will be delivered. Lastly at 8 PM a Private Dinner Date at a good restaurant/cafe with a surprise gift will be arranged.

Surprise In Your Car

Journey is more significant than the destination so how about making the journey even more special for the special someone. Impress your loved ones with a fully decorated car that has a trunk full of surprises that they would be pleased to receive.

The decoratives comprises of a cake, Heart Shaped Balloons, Chocolatey Heart, Love In Mug,Photo Film Book, Fresh Flowers, Sweet Tweet in a Mini Bottle,Comical Love Cards, Fairy Lights and much more.

 Let Pikachu Be Your Celebration Partner!

Balloons You and Pikachu

What if you hear the doorbell and when you receive the door you are surprised by a gigantic Pikachu?

Take your gifts to another level with this cute Pikachu surprise for your loved ones.

A Pikachu arrives at your door along with a giant gift box. The receiver goes on to open the door and finds an amazing gift box of massive size as he goes ahead to open the gift box a cute Pikachu jumps out of the box followed by a bunch of balloons. The chain of surprises comprises of handmade chocolates/cupcakes and other custom gifts that continue for 40 minutes!

Along with the stunning Pikachu, a photographer will also be part of this great occasion to capture all the lovely memories.

Invite Pikachu to Home

Have a fun time and enjoy dancing like a champion with an adorable Pikachu trying to entertain you.

This surprise gift will be ideal for any occasion you name it. Pikachu will put some glory to the already made glorious day.

A big warm hug from Pikachu will be the highlight of the day.

Fulfill your Dream to Reach Great Heights

Become A Pilot for a Day

Have you ever dreamed of flying a plane like a brave pilot? Book a slot to give an exhilarating experience in bangalore to gift to your loved ones.

Worry not a proper training and guidance will be given by our experts prior to your entry in the cockpit and we ensure you that you have a safe and smooth flight with the experienced pilot by your side.

Few more exciting surprises will be coming your way as you board the journey.

Huge Gifts that Arrive at Your Doorsteps

Giant Gift Box- the Ultimate Joy

Structure your surprise in an unusual way by waking up your loved ones to a giant gift box waiting for them at the doorstep along with some colourful balloons flying towards the sky.

Some more awesome surprises that will be offered are a delicious cake, Personalized Chocolate Box, WishBoard,A surprise Gift, A Photographer Capturing The Beautiful Time To Last Forever, Surprise By Our Team & Much More.

Gift Yourself

Amaze your dear ones with a giant box that will contain yourself inside it for an out of nowhere surprise. So, bewilder them when they open the ribbon and suddenly you pop out holding colorful balloons.

It includes other surprise elements like  balloons, cake, personalised chocolate box, a special surprise gift, wish board, a photographer and more surprises from our team

Enjoy Challenging Games with Friends and Family

A Surprise Shooting Game

Whether you are a skilled or a beginner at shooting, you are assured to have a blast!

Book a slot for your loved ones to enjoy a fun and competitive experience.

Aim and fire away let’s see how many shots you hit on target to show off your crazy aiming and shooting skills to your friends and family in bangalore.

Archery Game- Become the Warrior

Book a special slot for a fun filled game of archery in Bangalore and surprise them on a big day. Challenge your friends and family in a competitive game of archery that requires accuracy and shooting precision to hit the target.

We have some exciting surprises waiting till the end of the game to keep you charged up and thrilled throughout the game.

Escape Room

This adventurous game requires decoding the clues and solving the mysteries to cross the levels one after the other and ultimately escape the room as soon as possible.

Book a slot for an escape room in Bangalore with your friends and family that will involve teamwork and intelligence to get out of the room.

Share Your Love with the Unfortunate Yet Gifted Souls

Surprise Visit to Old Age Home

Gather your loved ones for a surprise visit to an old age home and let them meet with some of the nicest and wisest people they have ever met!

Spend your time and money to a good cause for an old age shelter in Bangalore.

Commemorate the special occasion in a truly new way that will be remembered for rest of your life with this surprise.

Surprise visit to Orphanage

Take your loved ones on a surprise visit to an orphanage in Bangalore and express your love and care to the people who need it the most.

Give them your time and put efforts to make them feel happy and loved.

Book a beautiful surprise to learn from them the real meaning of love and belongingness.

A Classic Way of Celebrating Special Occasions

Light Up the Sky

Looking to keep the celebration simple yet special? Experience a series of fireworks one by one that will keep your loved ones delighted and satisfied. Glorify the occasion with a colorful ariel works to brighten up their face with a smile.

Other celebratory elements like balloons, a cake, wish board, chocolates and many more surprises are waiting after the commemoration.

Screen a personalised message that will touch their heart!

Make Your Home a Theater

A heartwarming surprise in the form of a video, audio or images that convey a message of yours on the home theater for your loved ones that they would least expect .

It includes other celebration elements like a lovely flower bouquet, balloons, cake, personalised chocolate box, a special surprise gift, wish board, a photographer and more surprises from our team

Create Beautiful Art Forms and Bring out the Hidden Talent of Your Loved Ones

Experience Pottery

There is always a need to explore and pick up on new skills to unlock your true potential.

Try your luck at an entirely new skill with a pottery making session along with your loved ones and create gorgeous designs that you have never imagined of with a surprise visit planned on a special day to indulge in beautiful artistry.

So let your imagination run free with your hands to make an impeccable art form and show your hidden artist to the world.

Laud them with Balloon Surprises on their Special Day!

Pop Me Surprise Box with Balloons

The special someone pops the balloon and finds themselves showering in confetti all over. This gift will bless them for their special day.

Blow Me Surprise Box with Balloons

Send regards and celebrate their special occasion with a heartwarming greeting card in a lovely box having “blow me” written on it.

Open Me Balloon Surprise Box

Wish your dear ones with a heartfelt message on the box within which a balloon comes out to send regards on their special occasion.

Hug Me Balloon Surprise Box

Show your love and send them warm hugs with a hug me surprise box that has A cute teddy wrapped in a big balloon that has well wishes written in it to embrace the special occasion,