Thoughtful Baby Shower Presents that are Practical for the New Family to Be

Baby shower is an event that is celebrated when a baby is born or is expected to be born and a new life comes into existence bringing the entire family together. Although people consider moms to be gifts, It has been a tradition to bring baby shower presents as something useful and special for the upcoming baby.

Have a  baby shower party coming up and are you wondering what thoughtful baby shower gift to give that the dad- and mom-to-be will really appreciate? Be it your sister, best friend or niece expecting a baby, bring a heart touching gift and help her prepare for her little one. Send her baby shower presents that she’ll appreciate on her special day. We have a collection of surprise baby shower presents for every style and personality. We also have options for baby girl and boy celebrations — and gender neutral ideas, too. Scan through our unique baby shower gifts ideas, then pair your present with a heartfelt message attached to it.

When a loved one shares the exciting news that she’s having a baby, there are probably lots of hugs, some belly rubs or maybe even few tears of joy. And then you have to find a baby gift—one that’s awesome, thoughtful, unique and useful for the baby and the mother. We are always here to help you make the baby gift buying process as easy as shopping online for yourself.

Our new and different baby shower ideas are useful and has a sense of personal touch that adds up to be the best baby shower gift you want to give and they would love to recieve.

Gifts Ideas for Baby Shower

As baby shower is a very special occasion in the life of a soon-to-be mother, baby shower gifts should also be very special and unique. If you search, you will get abundant of baby shower ideas here at bookthesurprise.

The joy of having a baby cannot be conveyed using words you will have to send a very and special gift to your loved ones. Therefore, you can send your hearty congratulations to the soon to be parents by selecting from our epic baby shower gifts ideas.

Here’s our top pick of ideas straight from our surprise baby shower package to say congratulations in a unique way and make the expectant parents feel on the top of the world:

-We treat your loved ones with delicious blue and pink themed cake that maybe of their favourite taste.vPink themed cake for expecting a baby girl and blue themed cake for expecting a baby boy. People love celebrating joyful moments with some fine quality cake with their dear ones. Remark this special moment by spending time together eating cake and praising the occasion.

–We offer delightful chocolate pop because there is nothing  better than a good piece of chocolate. Chocolate pops according to the gender, pink box of chocolate pop for baby girl and blue box of chocolate pop for baby boy. So we start the series of surprises by something sweet that will bring in flavours.

-Turn up the room decor with some helium balloons to fill the occasion with something lovely because any surprise party is incomplete without balloons in it and there is something really is fascinated about helium balloons. Furnishing the room with Blue colored balloons if they are expecting baby boy and pink colored balloons if expecting baby girl.

-We provide with a seperate photographer to capture the beautiful and lovely moments, to take down all essential bits in the occasion, to make a beautiful story out of all the worthwhile moments. These moments will be admired and cherished forever by the parents.

There are many ways to celebrate expectancy of a new life and hence there is no shortage of ideas in this world. You might be too engaged in your work that you don’t have time to spare, so allow us to offer our own baby shower surprise packages – that comes with a wide range to choose from as each and every one of them come with different options, ideas, and add-ons.

Some of our baby shower surprise packages come with add-ons and are listed below:

-A specialized baby journal for your loved one. Occupied with all the appointments, concerns, and stress that go with raising a newborn, it’s easy to overlook the little moments that make each day special. It is the best baby shower gift you can give to someone having a new baby. Baby journal is a beautiful book that has perfect place to reflect on the journey that is the infant experience. It is specifically designed to record the special events that occur during these precious years. The soon to be parents can also use it to store keepsakes gathered during this very special time. This valuable book is sure to draw out some heartwarming memories for years to come.

-A cute customized mug with something special on it that looks really good and can be used everyday too! Cups and mugs are used on a regular basis and will serve as a daily reminder to your loved ones.

-A beautiful baby shower themed photo booth that has something special pictured on it. If it is baby boy they are expecting then a blue themed pictures are shown & phrases like oh boy! Or  its a boy! written on it. If it is baby girl they are expecting then a pink themed pictures are shown & phrases like oh girl! Or its a girl! written on it

– A prestigious mom to be or dad to be badge that will add a special touch to the occasion. Honor the soon to be parents with a glorious title that they can show off to others. These handmade items are something unique, different and add the precise touch that you are looking for

What Baby Shower Gifts to Buy for the New Parents to Be?

The birth of a baby is one of the most beautiful gift of God. The expected baby will fill the life of their parents with extreme love, happiness, and excitement. Order surprise packages that contains cute gifts for the expectant mom like mom-to-be badges and best mom t-shirts exclusively from our website to extend congratulations to the parents on the expectation of a new baby in their life.To throw a lovely surprise baby shower to your friends or loved ones plan ahead and shop with us. With a wide variety of products distributed in various categories, bookthesurprise is an expert at finding solutions for your gifting related situations.

Take it easy with our help

We are considered to be among the best party planners in the town whose main focus is to enhance the event with our excellent baby shower ideas and brighten up the event with excellent baby shower presents to facilitate a great celebration party. Celebrations may include  engagement surprise for your loved ones, congratulations surprise for the achiever, or an event to wish and congratulate the soon to be parents for expecting a baby.

Baby Shower Gifts

If you’re done with buying the same old gifts for your friends who are expecting a baby, you’ve come to the right spot to find fabulous, unique baby shower gifts ideas. Bookthesurprise has a fabulous selection of personalized baby shower gifts for every budget; that’s right — you don’t have to spend a lot to astonish her with thoughtful gifts for mum to be.

Personalized & Unique Baby Shower Gifts

If you know the gender of the baby or even if you don’t know the gender of the baby or the baby’s name it doesn’t matter — you will be able to find unique baby shower gifts that will serve as a delight. From exclusive baby journals to journey frame you will discover all the best personalized baby shower ideas you could ever dream of.

Baby Shower presents for New Parents

If the soon to be parents are waiting until the birth to find out if it’s a girl or a boy, you might be perplexed when shopping for the best baby shower gift. Fear not, we have plenty of personalized “neutral” baby shower items like baby journal and milestone cards. Shop with us and the world of personalized baby shower gifts opens for you!

Baby Shower Gifts for Niece, Sister, Friends & More

Do you have a sister, niece, or friend expecting a newborn? Why bother to go to the mall to find baby shower ideas? Plan a baby shower surprise from anywhere and at anytime, where you’ll find awesome baby shower gifts ideas for both babygirl and babyboy — not to forget an outstanding selection of fabulous gifts for women, whether they’re moms to be or not. Consider us for baby shower gifts that would be loved by both- the baby and mum.