Personalised and All Exclusive 3D Lamps to Showcase Your Incomparable Love

Giving presents is a sweet token of love to show your dear ones how much you care. The gifts you give add excitement to their lives and make their celebrations special. When it comes to granting something unforgettable to the people close to your heart, traditional gifts are not enough. You need something distinctive and considerate like personalised gifts to put across your love, care, and gratitude for them.

Our team has come up with a gorgeous collection of personalised lamps which perfectly represent your love for any occasion. Be it your wedding, anniversary, valentine’s day, birthdays,  parent’s marriage anniversary, or you simply feel like telling someone special that you love them.

Personalised lamps are the right gift to brighten up the life of your dear ones with the light of love reflecting upon them. You can get a diversity of gifts from 3d illusion lamps to heart shaped led lamps, we have it all.  Receiving a lovely personalised present will lit up their face with a huge smile that will stay with them for many years to come

So, choose from an array of lovely presents to brighten up their lives in a beautiful way. Each time they will light up that lamp, it will bring in memories of the sweet moments spent together. These 3d lamps are the ideally personalised gifts to extend warm wishes to your dear ones that they can also utilize for decoration purposes in home.

Run Through Our Unique and Personalised Led Lamps

We have a broad variety of exclusive gifts to cater your needs and select the best lamp depending on the occasion.

Glowing Hearts- Heart Lamps

Radiate Love- 3D Lamp

Love balloons is a beautiful mix of art and technology that creates a lovely optical illusion that plays tricks on people’s minds. It is bound to dazzle and impress you guest a while always lighting up the room and your lives. Perfect display for living room, bedroom as a night lamp.

Flames of Love-3D Lamp

This romantic gift will wake up the burning desire of love and hold high the flames of love. Remark this day for expressing your love and sentiments to the love of your life with an amorous 3d personalised gift. A gift that will make your dream love into reality to shine your life bright in love.

Glow of Love -3D Lamp

Make your love glow in front of the world with this super romantic gift. Display beautiful colors of love and make the romance in your relationship really special. With this lovely heart illusion make your love partner feel happy and value their love to the fullest.

Raving Hearts- 3D Lamp

Tell I love you and express your heartfelt feelings in a completely different way with this precious little I love you hearts in the raving hearts 3d illusion lamp. Grant these cute looking hearts illusion in the form of this glittering lamp of love. This fulfilling gift idea will bring more love from your partner and make them fall in love instantly.

Love Struck- 3D Lamp

One of a kind way to never let your partner forget the beautiful bond you share is through the love struck 3d illusion lamp. What better way to show your unconditional love than a heavenly gift that is purely made for your sweetheart which will brighten up their life and make it a bliss. Preserve the treasure of love with the love struck 3d lamp forever.

Made for Each Other- Couple Lamps

Gleaming Couple-3D lamps

For the adorable duo there is an awesome gift that will showcase your love like anything to your partner. Tell them we are perfect for each other with this gorgeous looking 3D lamps. Present them with an exclusive present to the special someone and let them know that you are glad to have them in your life. Pour down your true love and create romantic memories with your partner with these incredible gifts.

A Radiant Romance- 3D Lamps

Are you seeking for a unique gift that will perfectly display your love to your darling? Render to them this elegant gift to manifest your endless love. This extra special gift idea will let you spend some romantic time together that will form a great memory. A radiant romance is not just a gift it is a symbol of love and togetherness that will take a special place in your lover’s heart.

Glowing Face- Emoji Lamp

Emoji Glow- 3D lamps

Gift a custom 3d lamp to add an adorable element to a romantic gift idea.

This gift guarantees to put a wide smile to their lovely face every time they see this emoji lamp and it reminds them of your eternal love. An uncommon gift idea for your beloved in the form of an outlandish emoji lamp

Blessed gift for parents- ‘Love you mom & dad’ lamp

To mom and dad with love!

Convey your unstoppable love to your parents with a precious gift. Tell them how blessed and grateful you are to have such lovely parents in your life. Show your gratitude and appreciation toward whatever they have done for you with a mesmerising 3d night lamp that spells “i love you mom & dad”. A heart warming gift that they will be glad to receive.

Wooden Led Lamps

Inspiration of Love – Led Lamps

3D Butterfly Wooden Lamp

Fly freely on your imagination with these stunning vision that you’ll witness with these 3d led lamps. Present it to your close ones to make them feel very special. So with this creative gift of a butterfly lamp make them fly out of wonder and keep their spirits high.

Stars & Moon Lamp

To all the night owls who stay up all night to gaze on the twinkling star or glare at the dazzling moon this 3d led lamps are presents that they will appreciate at the moment. Offer these lamps to make them feel special and on the top.The shiny illumination of these stars will give a sense of inspiration and hope to their lives.

Snowyman Lamp

Gift an adorable 3d snowman to the lovely people you know to make them feel delighted and bring happiness to their life with this wonderful gift. Take the special day to another level with this fantastic gift that is enough to make your loved ones dance in joy.

Melodies of Love- Led Lamps

Lulfu Lamp

It is a perfect representation of musical notes for your loved ones who are music-spirited and to whom music brings a great delight. Appease your music lover close ones with a treat of led lamps display that will lit up a smile on their face.

Guitar Lamp

Consider your music enthusiast friend and gift them an alluring guitar lamp that will surely make them feel special. Send a 3d led lamp that would keep the burning desire of music alive in their souls. Dedicate this unique gift to that special someone to express your love and appreciation.

Saxophone Lamp

Devote your affection to the real jazz lover with this all exclusive led lamp of saxophone that will showcase nothing but love.Go out of the way to give something that will put a new meaning to jazz in their life. With this over the top gift commend their thier different taste in music.

Heart Full of Love- Led Lamps 

Heart Lamp

Charm your love partner with a gorgeous heart shaped table lamp that will represent your intrinsic love in the best way possible. A rare gift that displays the inseparability of hearts on this special day with your beloved to make romance and closeness hit the roof of the house.

Lovers Lamp

Are you looking for an exquisite gift that will signify an unending love and depict the meeting of two heart with the most conviction through the 3d led lamp. Outline your love for each other with the most appealing visual representation of two hearts uniting with the special and exceptional lovers lamp.

I Love You Lamp

Let them know how valuable they are in your life and how much their love matters to you in life with a new and fantastic 3d wooden i love you lamp. Bestow them these wonderful 3d lamps to tell them ‘I’m fond of you’ on a special day that they would never forget.

Send Online Personalised Lamps for Any Occasion

The personalised gifts are trending in the market due to their customizable and exclusive nature. Moreover, with a wide range of personalised cups, photo frames,and cushions you will find an attractive collection of personalised photo lamps online at Bookthesurprise. Ranging from the Led Wooden lamps to 3d heart shaped lamps to music lamp, we have several options in personalised lamps that you can order online and get delivered in no time.

We have dedicated specific sections to personalised gifts that will make the gift chasing process for all your friends, family and other loved ones  easier and convenient.The gifts will be delivered right on time and put a big smile on your loved one’s face.